I mostly deal with headphone-related gear which tends to be more compact. Resistors are pretty cheap so I could use the formula to find out what size resistor I’d need and then try it out. The pump the motor came out of is actually not that big and the “fan” that it spun was pretty lite weight so taking into consideration that it had to suck air in one port and blow air out the other, I’m guessing it wasn’t to far off from free load. Atleast that’s how it was explained to me. I was reading while typing and ended up typing what I was reading.

5ams stour

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You want a dead-silent background, with zero hiss, for favorites like Noble Audio, Ultimate Ears, or Campfire?

The McIntosh MHA150 is more than meets the eye

It does this stpur blending the signal before it hits your ears, as speakers do naturally whilst headphones, by their very nature, do not. If I’m understanding what you said correctly, if the motor is indeed designed to run 6VDC then no matter how high of amperage my power source is, the motor will never draw more then it needs to run at maximum speed free load speed? D-cell batteries have very high internal impedance which, in plain English, means they are limited in their current output capacity.

My experience suggests the exact opposite: Basically because when the D cell was tested it tested at amps but with the motor connected it dropped to amps. If you could disconnect the motor shour its mechanical load and just run it with no load, you’ll find that the current draw measured will be a lot less than srour you measured.

Ask an Expert: How do you reduce amperage?

That the McIntosh all-in-one is comfortable hanging in that space means this is no throwaway bonus feature. The MHA serves it up to the Empyrean in spectacular fashion, stout admirably regardless of genre or recording quality. That means a black glass front panel, a big green McIntosh logo and, of course, those blue VU meters — whose illumination can be disabled if one so desires.


If you want to limit the locked rotor current to 6 amps from your 6 volt supply you will need a 36 W 1 ohm resistor.

5ams stour

Also, the built-in DAC makes having numerous analog inputs less critical than it might otherwise be. I listened using the integrated digital section as well as the Wyred 4 Sound 10th Anniversary DAC for a second opinion. What made me have doubts of that working was cause I thought with less amperage you have less voltage.

The original Strada system was impressive in this regard, but the Strada 2 elevate the sense of realism. My first concern was the potential weakness of the DAC section. I finally went to the next city over and found some rechargeable D size but no charger. It presents as powerful, dynamic, and completely wide open, with a sense of purity and refinement that few other amps — regardless of price — can match.

Spotify is a great App for music and there is a way to download songs from Spotify so you can 5amz listen even when you are 5sms.

5ams stour

The only problem is the D cell batteries don’t have a very high maH rating so they die rather quickly which gets pretty costly to stokr buy more D batteries. This is a headphone that can sound overcooked when paired with some amps, but the neutral, transparent nature of the MHA is a long way from being too much of a good thing.

Audiophile-approved 5zms sounded utterly convincing: Final Thoughts The old MAC was a magical component that, when paired with the Altec Valencia, made for a wonderful listening experience. My main speakers are the Usher Mini One Diamond towers.


5ams stour download music

I’m using the motor to demonstrate how the angle of the blades on a fan can change air speed and quantity cfm. One good reason for reducing amperage is so your motor won’t damage itself any more! But and perhaps I missed itI haven’t figured out 5amz you’re trying to do with the motor – move a weight, move air, whatever.

Because you are going to need a variety of resistance values, you probably are going to want to come up with ten 0. But I realize that it was made almost 50 years ago and had a very different focus — primarily, the FM radio broadcasts of that era. Control is emphasized as much as clarity, particularly in the troublesome treble region where many transducers fall short.

In the modest 12 by 16 foot space used for this project, with the Gallos rated at 90dB, I had gobs of volume and drive to spare. Resistors are pretty cheap so I could use the formula to find out what size resistor A5ms need and then try it out.

5ams stour

Typically, combo devices are primarily classified as either headphone amplifier or DAC. Either a voltage or current regulator will be needed and which one will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. Contrast this with the archetypal dtour audiophile wand: Little touches like these turn what could be an overwhelming number of options into a neat, manageable system which, after initial configuration, just works without causing distraction.

Such fears were misplaced.