Cosmic space blues rock from Germany, with explosive segments hold tightly together with frantic pulsing rhythms on the first two songs and ambient spacy atmospherics on the final track. Again released on the great Ohr label and sporting a very calm sunset artwork, Schwin is recorded and produced by Plank’s big competitor Dieter Dierks Vocals are assured by ex-Agitation Free John L and his contributions aside the the singing in the bluesy Light are mostly scats that can remind Can’s Damo Suzuki although I wouldn’t say ART present the same kind of binary and minimalist approach as Can does. Darkness, Flowers Must Die is the musical antipode, a frantically rocking free jazz piece with pulsating guitar chords, droning free-jazz drumming and mad vocals, similar to those of Can’s vocalists Mooney and Suzuki. A few guest players surfaced here and there as well, with one John L. Though this album may not be as perfect as their debut, this album is fairly credible for adding vocals to the mix of their already unstructured and psychedelic sound. Even vocals are appropriate!

ash ra tempel schwingungen

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Three stars are legitimate but no more.

ash ra tempel schwingungen

The music rages with an insane intensity and daring anarchistic posture. Instead of going for the immediate chokehold like twmpel first LP, the music on “Schwingungen” sneaks up behind the unwary listener and slowly inserts the Krautrock equivalent of a red-hot needle through the base of your skull, right between the ears and directly into your Third Eye.

I have a bit of a difficulty recommending Schwin as I do their debut album, because there are moments the flipside where there is nothing happening and the slow evolutions are simply too slow schwingungeen make the album really interesting.


It settles down again 5 minutes in.


Light – Look at Your Sun. When that is done with results as magically as here, I can’t have enough of it. Very spacey and then haunting before 6 minutes.

Amazing album, if schwingnugen can get used to the vocals. Useless to be honest and dragging this effort to a lower rating than it would deserved if this part would have been skipped. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Results cached 6h Items tempwl by ending time Showing all 27 items.

ash ra tempel schwingungen

It may or may not be worth mentioning that he was notorious for dancing naked on stage with his genitals slathered in paint, or that he was sacked from his previous band AGITATION FREE, prior to their first album for excessive drug use: This album from Ash Ra Tempel captures the spirit and soul of early Floyd without mimicking any particular song.

The second song starts off promising and then we are hit with the truly abysmal v John sings the same line over and over.

ASH RA TEMPEL Schwingungen reviews

Despite lengthy sections, the record offers a lot of different ambiances: Isn’t it amazing how schwjngungen all those scenes evolved back in the day? Other sites in the MAC network: However, the best passage of the disc is undoubtedly the five last minutes: After 3 minutes it’s built! This is as far as you can go from what the Symphonic Prog artists were doing on the other side of the Channel in the same years.


The general principle of side-long efforts continued, though the first half was split into two related songs, “Light” and “Darkness.

It might in fact be one of Krautrock’s more extreme musical journeys, from a band at the time already too near the dchwingungen. The second half of the album consists of “Suche” and “Liebe”. Look at Your Sun”. The first section of the track is atmospheric and minimalistic, whereas the second section is little more rhythmic. Nevertheless, Schulze is not present on this one, but his replacement Muller is doing a credible job.

ash ra tempel schwingungen

The addition of vocals to the band’s sound was not really required I love the experimentation with silence on this record. Vocal melodies a minute later. Schwingungen Made in Germany Musi Look at schwinggungen Sun” is a floating arid ballad, with bluesy accents. Gottsching ‘s fried solo, in particular, is great, sending the rest of the song out to silence that leads into “Darkness.

The song concludes on an almost conventionally pretty band jam, something that could almost be Meddle-era Pink Floydonly with even a more haunting, alien air thanks to the wordless vocal keening.