The compile method to call for a single schema. TypeMap – represents the interface that the schema compiler uses to find class names for a given QName. Could it be that it is linked to an outdated repository which does not contain the ne versions? Asked 2 years, 11 months ago. Wrapped Mode In the wrapped mode, the ADB databinder generates one class that contains all the databound classes. Hence, the parse method becomes a huge advantage for hassle free object creation.

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Asked 10 years, 10 months ago. The most important aspect of the generated code is that it encapsulates two methods for creating and serializing the beans. ADB is meant to be a ‘Simple’ databinding framework and was not meant to compile all types of schemas. The code for the schema compiler is completely in the org. I’ll consider this when our production servers move to Java 6 which should happen within the next decade or so Sun Sun 1 1 silver badge 7 7 bronze badges.

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However there is a subtle difference between element based classes and complexType based classes. As explained in the previous section, the schema compiler depends on the WS-Commons XmlSchema library. I could use an alternative binding framework when generating my stub or could use axis2-adb-1.62.jar alternative transport protocol to HTTP.


For a comprehensive code sample in invoking the schema compiler through the API, the following classes would be helpful.

Download axis2-adbjar : axis2 adb « a « Jar File Download

How do we handle problem users? Please see the advanced axis2-adb-1.6.2.kar for details of the mapper class. Known Limitations ADB is meant to be a ‘Simple’ databinding framework and was not meant to compile all types of schemas. Here is my original post in the Gradle forums. What follows is the exact text of his own answer. The following are the important classes and files of ADB: Or else, declare another more specific artifact with JAR packaging: I believe that axls2-adb-1.6.2.jar should only need the XML Beans libraries if you use the -d xmlbeans option when generating Java classes from a WSDL file, and then you shouldn’t need the axis2-adb dependency.

Alex 7, 8 8 gold badges 34 34 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges. This is the usual mode where the code generator generates a class for each of the outer elements and the named complex types. The ADB framework does not actually write the classes but instead provides a map of DOM document objects that contains the model for the databinding classes.

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The rules for generating code described in the next section applies regardless of the mode. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The Schema file name – This should be a complete file name pointing to the local file system The output folder name – This should be the name of a folder within the local file system Since the axis2-adb-1.6.2.ja generator presently has no validations built into it, the compiler is likely to show various error messages if these parameters are not supplied properly.


Sign up using Facebook. Want to Learn More? The Axis2 codegen engine in turn parses these documents within its own XSLT parser to create the necessary classes. All top level elements become classes. There’s a logic to these.

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Hence the following section includes a brief description of the generation modes. Realise that Maven is trying to download such an artifact with these coordinates: This determines whether to wrap the generated classes. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: The command line tool XSD2Java always generates code in the expanded mode. So by default maven tries to download a jar.