Thanks to denial, I’m immortal. Jump up and down on the dark side. THeres also one for canderous and carth I believe. I wonder what she would have been like since the dialogue that did make it into the game reveals such a complex character. Well, not for any longer! Mira might not have a great time with it considering how restless she gets with peace and quiet.

bastila romance enhancement

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Beware of conflicts read all readme’s and install mods that do not use the tsl patcher tool first over mods that do to avoid conflicts which may still occur. If you find any other bugs, contact me and I will update the mod. Registered 4th July I don’t know of many actresses send me your Juhani fancasts Juhani Jameela Jamil Kotor star wars fancast fancast my posts.

Delete all the files you just unzipped. Well, there you have it. Out of the goodness of her heart, with sincerity and earnest devotion shining in every fiber of her being, she asks to come with you, to help.

Thanks to denial, I’m immortal. I don’t know how to fix this without taking out all close up views of the scene.


Ladies of the Old Republic | Juhani Romance Enhancement Mod

Because she wants to repay you, wants to redeem herself, wants to make up for the harm she caused, wants to prove herself by helping to destroy the Sith. Would you rather kill Canderous or— Juhani: File Description I predict this will become one the site’s most downloaded files by the end of the week Credits Shared by Maphisto I hate them so much.

Some really good ones can be found here http: This mod modifies the kissing enhacement between male PC and Bastila so that we actually see them kissing each other instead of enhancemeht fade to black effect. Carth as PC K2: Kotor 1 music enhancement http: Invisible Headgear hastila k1 Author: She desperately wants to go home and is convinced no one will ever want her back.

But her fall to the dark side passes like an illness and she becomes truly good, though she always struggles. Unique Sith Students New!

bastila romance enhancement

And the Council deliberates. Juhani having a Padawan and teaching her in ways inspired by Quatra, if not more gentle. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. enhancsment

Bastila romance glitch fix

If this happens, PC’s head will block the view almost completely. No copyright infringement is intended.

bastila romance enhancement

From there the cutscene ends as usual, and you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Bastila and your PC kiss. Mira might not have a great time with it considering how restless she gets with peace and quiet.


bastila romance enhancement

All cheats, giveitem codes, warp codes can be found here http: Besides being tall, moody and beautiful I think Juhani is an example of a Star Wars romace that explores what is possible in the canon both in terms of representation and story telling.

Because as we later learn, Juhani was never fully accepted or treated well even when she was a starry-eyed idealist new to the Order.

Romande 14, This might be my last bit of proper art before I go away to France on holiday, so please enjoy!

This mod aims to fix that by doing two things: I use many more mods than these but these are the essentials I also use some gameplay rebalance mods Bastila’s Canon lightsaber color crystal Movie style saber blade retextures.