I don’t see any enemy drones either. G66 is also being updated to run with 1. Now I cant logout of a relay. I will try to fix this for the first patch. A high-capacity gaming computer would be the best choice for playing this mod. Hey all, The AI was improved in the last patch, but since then players have mentioned that the AI at times still bumps into walls and buildings. Unfortunately the mod can have issues with save-games.

battlezone 2 g66

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One more thing, it may be a simple thing, but I will address it. And fixed the link for the complete FE map pack version 4. What the mod includes: Is it in specific maps? If you play it without saving, it should work battlezonf intended. Usually there is a verbal message that the first APC has made it.

View All Top Mods. As such, using a decent 21st century gaming system is a must. The experience of HD graphics in a Battlezone game is effectively unique to this mod.


Note that this is an Alpha version patch because of the graphics rewrite. Last edited by kmiller ; Jul 10, The more you kill, the less damage you will receive overall.

battlezone 2 g66

They may mostly be skipped. This version works best when installed over a fresh install of BZ2. Tech Alpha 5 We’re here to help g666 the issues out.

Only registered members can share their thoughts. WhirlwindBZ2 Dec 15 New info.

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If it is not done right, the enemy builder a half complete base, and thats all you will get. I consolidated the BETA Team assets into one sub-folder to cut down on the amount of duplicate files. If you don’t know, the community vattlezone moved a while back to http: Here is a list of all map packs that are in this package: This battlezoe to be an internal issue to BZ2, as playing the same.

battlezone 2 g66

That isn’t an issue. What are they being directed towards? Anything lower than x may cause issues. Several of the Pandemic programmers are still actively maintaining and bug squashing on their own time.


This is an all in one package to make battelzone easier! FE is being updated to run with the 1. You can install this version over top of 1.

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There is a very active player community with hundreds of player created maps, units, buildings, weapons, scenarios, and numerous other modifications. A high-capacity gaming computer batttlezone be the best choice for playing this mod. Two, When a Mapper creates a map, they need to test this map to the Nth degree.

The entire purpose was to bring Battlezone into the 21st century. Battleozne now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.

At that point I had no ship to drive or command.