Region code hack posted by Babywolf, April 13 What do I need to prepare for upgrading the software of the player? My colleague lent me the Philips BDP over the weekend. Region code posted by ababa13, February 12 Region code posted by stevesamoua, February 20 I think, unfortunately, the player is a bit dumb and instead of checking if it’s version matches that of the update it just says

bdp3000 firmware update

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Alas, am I able to hear HQ sound on a stereo amp.

Philips BDP Firmware upgrading – how many upgrades? | AVForums

Region code posted by stevesamoua, February 13 I did not buy the movie, i rented it to watchso cannot use it to duplicate again. In order to clarify the case: After 3 chapters, I skip forward to chapter 9 and play.

What are the supported audio and video file formats by the player? A’s Video Firmwware 7. I’m just after others experiences with the upgrading. In the Home menu, select Settings, Advanced Setup.

Is it possible that your TS disc doesn’t just force the player to 24hz but it actually resets all other settings to their default values as well? Tips and Tricks Why am I not able to change the subtitle language with the subtitle button on the remote control?


bdp3000 firmware update

Got my player a month or so back, and very pleased with it. Other players that I have used do not downsample it. It won’t do anything.

Philips Blu-ray Disc player BDP3000

I think it just checks to see if the upgrade file uppdate present, and it it is then prompts you. So don’t use them for testing hacks. Power on fir,ware set and keep no disc.

I couldn’t find another thread, so I’m posting in here. Just check the philips website every so often to see if there is a new one. I have a Philips BDP and i’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t work, i dont know if i’m doing something wrong but when i press the numbers on remote control, it appears an “x” meaning its invalid and nothing happens Care to share a link?

Philips BDP3000 Firmware upgrading – how many upgrades?

I see someone did excellent job for LG just via soft-mod. Started by simo May 9, Replies: Am I correct assuming that “Auto” mode incorrectly detects your TV as 24hz-capable and that’s why you have to manually switch to nonhz mode? Excellent price and you get great value for yer money. Thread starter jimdriver2 Start date Jan 20, Wait a few seconds and hpdate switch on I put this firmwafe another forum, but didn’t really get any response, hopefully someone here may be able to answer: Other good stuff thats worth mention.


Philips BDP region code – VideoHelp

AVS Forum articles Contests. Apologies for being offline so long. Here’s how you make it region free 1. Before you buy What do I need to prepare for upgrading the software of the player?

bdp3000 firmware update

Software and firmware The disc inside the device is automatically played when I switch on the device by pressing the power on button. You must log in or register to reply here.