Plus, be sure to protect the the hand strap to the camera and always camera from strong impacts. To view a video clip: When selecting the manual mode, you must first point the adjustment frame shown on the screen at a blank sheet of white paper or something similar, and press the Shutter for the camera to detect proper colors. Without HDR, most detail is lost in one or both areas. User Manual or Quick Guide 2. Page 4 Safety warning and notice Before operating the camera, please make sure that you read and fully understand the content in this section. Options For Playback And Editing 26 Playback mode Options for playback and editing When the camera is in the Playback mode, press , or to move to different files.

benq dc c1450 drivers

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Voice Memo Playback mode drigers Voice memo Inserts a voice annotation to an image file. Self-timer Automatically takes a picture after 2 or 10 second delay.

Candle Light Makes a picture look warm, and thus captures the mood under candle light source. You can also select any of the following options.

BenQ Camera Prices and Specifications

The preview result based on the currently selected white drivres is shown in the middle thumbnail. Press to confirm the change and save the image file. Sepia Adds an effect with dark reddish brown color tones, so the image or video looks as if it is old. Troubleshooting And Service Information 34 Troubleshooting and service information Troubleshooting and service information If your camera cannot operate normally, see the frequently encountered problems and solutions listed below.


And yet, their clothes proved to be pretty ordinary on closer examination. Operating The Camera 6 Operating the camera Operating the camera The procedure below is a general guideline for basic operation.

benq dc c1450 drivers

Imagine you are out on a hike or adventure in the wilderness and your luck runs out. Summary of Benq C The C not only lets you replenish power anywhere simply bnq inserting new AA batteries, driveers its HDR image enhancement technology makes it easy to get great photos even in challenging high-contrast light conditions. Style Tips and Tricks. Are you excited to throw a dinner party, but terrified at the thought?

Style Tips and Tricks We have all been there, had our breath taken away by stylish women and men. Little B and Me. You have already selected 4 products. This camera is very handy and small to fit in any pocket.

BenQ DC C1450 Digital Camera 14MP HD 1920×1080 Resolution (Best Price)

The Right Braai for You. Beauty Enhancer Cameras can sometimes be a little too accurate. Page 23 Drivere mode 15 Food Captures food by enhancing color brightness and giving more vivid colors. You might be thinking: Plus, be sure to protect the the hand strap to the camera and always camera from strong impacts.


benq dc c1450 drivers

Aperture Priority 16 Capture mode Aperture Priority Aperture priority is often used when shooting static subjects or emphasizing the depth of field. Spice Pinnacle Stylus Mi Price: Select whether you want to repeat the slideshow.

The camera will then start detecting faces again.

Best Price On Bid vrivers Buy. In general, use a smaller aperture if a greater depth of field is needed. ArcSoft Creates multimedia presentations by combining photos and video VideoImpression Trimming 30 Playback mode 5. Option Description Sounds [Startup] Sets a type of the startup sound.

Don’t have an account? During the countdown, you can press the shutter to cancel the countdown.

benq dc c1450 drivers

Adjust EV when the brightness between dirvers subject and the background is not balanced, or when the subject occupies only a small part of the picture. An Item has been added to cart x. To view a video clip: