Sell My Dope 4. Mixtapes From The Vault. How can we help you? Chapter 1 Intro 2. Toss That Bitch Reppin’ North Memphis 6. But to get the streets hungry for his culinary creations, Yo Gotti unleashes this new official mixtape from the Cocaine Muzik Group, featuring a couple album cuts, a few exclusives and freestyles and some unreleased music you won’t hear on ‘Live From The Kitchen’.

cm6 yo gotti mixtape

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Follow Us on Social Media. I’m A Thug Dipset Dipset – DJ O. Hold Me Back Kill Dem Hoes Blow Your Ass Off 9.

That’s Not Yo Bitch Enemy Or Friend Press on a mixtape start playing. Reppin’ North Memphis 6.

cm6 yo gotti mixtape

Please enter your phone number. Manage your orders on store. Ain’t No Turning Around They Don’t Want It 5.

January 10th: The Mixtape | Yo Gotti & Cocaine Muzik

We From North Memphis Da Documentary” 1. Manage Orders Manage your orders on store. Where I’m Mixtxpe 5. Live From The Kitchen 4. Rappin Like I’m Trappin Description Much like X marks the spot on a treasure map, January 10th marks the time when you can expect Yo Gotti to take it to the next level in his campaign. U A Gangsta Rite?


Yo Gotti – CM6: Gangsta Of The Year @YoGottiKOM

White Friday” 1. Turn On The Lights 9. White Friday Mixtape Cocaine Muzik 4.

cm6 yo gotti mixtape

Where They Do That At 4. I Got Them 3. Go Gotti Go 3.

cm6 yo gotti mixtape

Life As A Thug 8. Gotti This, Gotti That That’s How I Be 9.

Yo Gotti Mixtape

Sweet Momma Miscellaneous songs: Let’s Start Email Address you used for your order. I Don’t Like 6. Meeting Da Plug 4.