As such we talk about the Arkham Knight workshop contest winners, the Workshop Wonderland , a secret nerf to the charge and targe, the Yogscast Jingle Jam , b4nny spotted in matchmaking and the amazing player of the week winning Comic made by Medli The most French California has ever spawned. He seems eager for that to happen. Valve drop the bomb on what the new 3A robotic models are going to look like. How about a few videos of overwatch gameplay. Freelands is a man no show can hold for very long.

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However, last year Smissmas it was our th episode.

War was met with 5 new weapons, 4 bready reskins tens of new cosmetic items. But it has the chance of being implemented demodemoan TF2. The music from the Dueling Banjo taunt got stuck in my head, so I decided to make a remix of demofemopan, super happy with how it turned out. April 13th update — http: Watch out for a blog post on this and where you can follow them. Every demoknight will be wearing it this season.

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Valve posted a blog post. Especially if you stay to the end of the episode.

demodemopan mp3

The owner of the We spent it getting to know GermanPeter, the creator of Overtime, a parody love letter demodeompan both Team Fortress 2 and Undertale in game form. Scout gets his leopard on with the Beastly Bonnet and the Cheet Sheet. From cosmetic creators, to T-shirt Designers, to….


Former Valve employees have been continuing to work on hardware they started while at Valve. This week we were joined by Wiethoofdalso known as the creator of the recently released whitelist. But mostly, this is an insight into how we make the show.

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Unless of course you currently play in 6v6. Do you remember that Comic preview we showed you last week? Unusually though this one has been co-authored by a second studio, Escalation.

Mark Laidlaw has finally retired following 18 years of service to Valve, including writing Half Life 1, 2 and possibly 3.

Speaking of exclusives, Jewlander returns to us from his hidden lair, under the stairs, firing flares, in his underwear. Finally a fair favourite of Sir Grey, a small sculptured bust of a Spy. Awesome concepts, but be warned, if you click on that link, you will be angry…. The Overwatch beta is returning. Of experiences than an autobiography which is expected to demodfmopan.

Airplane 2 years ago.

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However, its not just us blowing our own trumpet on how good an interview we got, We also talk about the Steam machines that have now gone out for beta testing.


As with any patch involving weapon changes, we talk in great depth about their effect in competitive, pub and mvm scenarios. Orchestral Arrangement and Dapper Dog: Reddit and Tumblr will be facing off again in their 2nd annual valve time series of matches.

demodemopan mp3

How about we let you in on a little info about the next TF2 Comic? Uhhhh there’s no official dueling banjo tra. Steam in-home streaming is available for everyone.

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Its a very interesting site where demodemopa can place bets on competitive TF2 matches. Some weeks, no news happens at all, we struggle to find things to talk about and deep down, we all cry ourselves to sleep. Well, I say luck….