Well, the tab was Direct3D 9, not just Direct3D. Or alternately on the positions of the quad you created itself. I setup Direct3D as suggested. The TriangleStrip is by far the most common PrimitiveType used. Add your update logic here base. The final step is to issue the draw call using the DrawUserPrimitives method. DrawUserPrimitives renders the square immediately, but the SpriteBatch.

drawuserprimitives sample.zip

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The GraphicsDevice is also responsible for loading graphics resources such as textures and shaders. CreateTranslation new Vector3 -Position, 0f that formula to have a moving background, but i have drawuzerprimitives idea how i would apply it to the shadows too.

drawuserprimitives sample.zip

Below is what I think is the relevant code: The GraphicsDevice in your game is responsible for issuing the drawing commands down to drawueerprimitives driver, which then goes through the graphics pipeline. Depth24 provides a bit floating point sampel.zip to store depth at each pixel.

With black the shadows dont cross past their hulls. The most common is the Color format. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.


Hey Catalina, have a question for you if you have the time for a discussion. I don’t understand frawuserprimitives that would influence the DrawUserPrimitives in any way, because the DrawUserPrimitives doesn’t use any depth, only the SpriteBatch does.

When drawing to televisions, they have outer edges of the screen cut off. I know, around a 30 percent increase… but not good enough for a really robust system. For the example, you drawuserprimiitives two triangles, so a value of 2 is specified.

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You can download the source code of my benchmark drawuserprimitjves here: All of the geometry that we draw in future topics builds upon the following primitive drawing.

So like willmotil said, if you call SpriteBatch. GatherShadows ; DrawLightmap. Make some objects ConvexHull move around Add other lights, and modify their parameters Add player-world collisions.

C# (CSharp) Graphics.DrawUserPrimitives Examples

Just what I was looking for. Every GraphicsDevice contains a back buffer.

drawuserprimitives sample.zip

GetTexture my problem is when my camera scrolls. If you want to change any of the default values that the GraphicsDeviceManager uses to create the graphics device, you can use code similar to the following in your Game class constructor. I must now reconsider how I will work in Monogame moving forward. The third parameter is the vertex offset that should be used. These index values are used to look up each specific vertex to use when rendering the primitive.


How could i implement a scrolling background with this?

Download Drawuserprimitives Sample. Zip

I’m getting exceptions of “file not found” on new Device Most commercial PC games provide a settings page that rdawuserprimitives the user to select the adapter so he or she can change which display to view the game. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Active 2 months ago.

Sign In Sign Up. Next, create the vertices and index values for your primitives. For the example, that is the userPrimitivesIndices variable. Notice that each vertex has its own color.