A comprehensive software solution for all those who want to analyze their QuickTime-supported video files and extract user metadata CatDV Pro Using this application you can select various documents from your computer, then you can extract the email addresses found in them Email Extractor 6. SMS Deliverer Standard 2. Fill in partner company and contact details to create thorough databases, issue an abundance of business reports, send data via mail or social networks and keep an eye on time with this powerful management application TopSales Personal 7. Create your own desktop screensavers using locally stored images, slideshows and videos with the help of this lightweight application Random Photo Screensaver 4. A comprehensive PowerPoint add-on that enables you to create learning instruments, interactive presentation or quizzes, then publish your content online iSpring Suite 7. A customizable plain text editor that features a tabbed interface and various advanced functions, all packed within an intuitive graphic interface NotePad SX Pro 1.

druva insync 5.4.1

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A customizable plain text editor that features a tabbed interface and various advanced functions, all packed within an intuitive graphic interface NotePad SX Pro 1. Interpreted procedural programming language worth having when you need to perform various tasks and create scientific applications Agena Portable 2. A reliable and useful property management software solution intended for landlords that aims to manage and organize each property details Landlord 5. A user-friendly software utility that comes in handy to all those who want to make sure their computer is not infected with malware Trojan Killer 2.

A lightweight and user-friendly graphics editor that allows you to create images from scratch or modify existing ones according to your needs DrawPad Graphic Editor 2.

druva insync 5.4.1

Create timesheets from QuickBooks data. With an incorporated media player which helps you to play items before they are fully processed, this tool lets you quickly search and download torrents MediaGet 2. One of the safest Registry cleaning tools available in the market today Portable Wise Registry Cleaner 8. An innovative application that delivers an inspired collection of utils for creating ramdisks and virtual disks, thus securing your data DAYU Disk Master 2. A table editor for public transportation that allows you to maintain timetables and station tables, while offering the possibility to use queries to plan journeys PTraffic 1.


A complex yet user-friendly application that was designed as a slick Internet browser, being based on the classic version of Opera Otter 0.

Create a duplicate for your Oracle database with this program. A comprehensive software solution for all those who want to analyze their QuickTime-supported video files and extract user metadata CatDV Pro Analyze tachograph files, determines drive times drjva fuel consumption using this comprehensive digital tool that comes with an intuitive desigh Tachospeed 2.

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A reliable and efficient application functioning as a music player that enables you to listen to songs and albums from your computer or the Amazon cloud Amazon Music 3. An effective and straightforward utility that automates complicated business processes and performs complex data validation with ease Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise 5.

A user-friendly trading journal and performance recorder. MailStyler Newsletter Creator 1. Any Video Converter 5. Scans computers in your network inaync order to detect weak points that 54.1 turn into serious security vulnerabilities and generates complete reports in various formats FormosaAuditor Vulnerability Management 4. Cricket Statz Standard 10 Build An advanced and efficient program that enables you to create from scratch as well as customize the appearance of your newsletter emails MailStyler Newsletter Creator 1.

Boost the performance of your PC, Mac and Android devices using this all-in-one package, which can increase speed and 5.4.1 up disk space AVG Performance 1. Timesheet Link for QB 3.

druva insync 5.4.1

Optimize your computer’s performance, clean the Windows registry and defragment it with this straightforward program, with just a few clicks Wise Registry Cleaner 8. FormosaAuditor Vulnerability Management 4. This is a straightforward and practical software solution that helps you to create never ending backlinks to your website fully automated GSA Search Engine Ranker 9. An easy-to-use software solution that is designed to help you monitor your home from any Android mobile phone, by activating your PC’s webcam JenausCam 2.


Merge, flip, druvq and do more with your designs in order to take your editing to the next level with the help of this intuitive tool Edit ‘N Stitch 2.

Silent Installation of Software on Windows | ManageEngine Desktop …

A software solution to help you restore your original computer configuration in order durva maintain its stability and increase its security Clean Slate 7. An efficient and comprehensive software solution designed to help you quickly create interactive quizzes, tests and surveys, in a professional manner iSpring QuizMaker 7.

A powerful application that will help you create high quality, interactive presentations and capture the attention of all kinds of audiences IntuiFace Composer formerly IntuiFace Presentation Composer 4.

Download several YouTube videos at the same time, with separate quality and format settings with the help of this simple to use application YouTube Downloader 1. Enables you to backup files, folders and applications, as well as e-mails and SQL databases, restore and recover items, and generate reports BackupAssist 8.

A software application that enables you to ping multiple targets at druca, by displaying the response time and a histogram graph for every selected host MultiPing 3.

You can use this helpful and efficient software utility to carefully plan and schedule your daily activities, so you never miss a deadline or forget an anniversary Swift To-Do List Professional 9.

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