Dhe-rok, dilik, khwa, chopmo. Burman written , Burman spokm , Khyeng v. Nepal eajt to ‘uest. Digitized by Brokcn Tribcs of Ncpal. Setndchi , tumako, duwako. He discriminates between two branches of the same family; the one considerably advanced in civilisation, the other still rude.

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Kiranti Croup East NepaP. Digitized by Cjoogie Broktn Tribes of Nepal. Tingohte, demachohte, berehtc Bhiimij, Hodgson also kindly placed at my disposal two large trunks of manuscripts, amassed during his long and honoured service in the East, and subsequently made over for safe keeping to the India Office.

The wisdom of British administrators in managing the Hindus and Mussalmans of the plains, seems everywhere turned into folly when dealing with the hill and forest tribes.

Digitized by Google Brokttt Tribes of Nepal. Dorodshugon, giya.

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The first consists in supplying the place of the old sources of subsistence by new ones; the second, in enabling the people themselves to augment the productiveness of such of the old means of sub- viceo as remain to them. Modem Malwain the Vishnu Purana. The other means of ameliorating the condition of the non-Aryan tribes, consists in enabling them to augment the legitimate sources of subsistence which remain to them ; in one word, to civilise them. The same problem has to be solved for the aboriginal races of India.


On the one side is contemptuous detestation, on the other sullen fury; etigi frontier investigators have constantly to accept the slanders of the wrong-doers as their sole evidence touching the motives and character of the wronged. The five synonyms are viideo at the head of each page.

Tibetan writtm viddeo, Tibetan spoken’ Serpa. Kiranti Group Easi Nepal. Illargiilargi, argizaita. Aepal east to west. It is they who have constructed our railways, and who are at this moment creating, in tea cultivation, a new source of wealth to India, and a new field for English capital, whose magnitude it is impossible even yet to foresee.

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U, um, yak-mi, manka-mi. Nowgong Ntfgtf, Tengsa Ntfgtf.

etighi by dva video

And for one calumny that can thus be rendered harmless, a hundred wander forth unrefuted, poisoning public opinion, drying up our natural charity, and, it is to be feared, warping the British policy towards whole races. During three hundred years, says Hill Burton, the philosophical historian of Scotland, the Stuarts had waged a war of extermination against the mountaineers in vain; to the present dynasty belongs the glory of converting bands of marauders into those disciplined battalions which have reaped honour on every English battle-field during nearly two centuries.


Ang- -n ang before, n after Nd. Kyi, gi, hi, yi. For the Japanese, again, I had to begin with only a meagre vocabulary printed in Yokohama, and kindly forwarded to me by the Right Hon. I i I Ddrhi.

II, criotu, eriokatu, sarba- Tapan. Lepcha SikkimBhdtdni v.

etighi by dva video

Even in their superstitions there is special dvs for hope. We have therefore a root represented by ho and ko; the ho series shortening into hu or ha, and the ko series into ku or ka. Tablung Ndgd, 1 Khdri Ndgd. Lepcha SikkiraBhiitdni v. The aborigines of the Carnatic were the Sepoys of Clive and of Coote. Burman writtenBurman. But all this has now come to an end. Ku, kokonokokonots’.