In the following days, a traumatized Jennifer pieces both herself and her manuscript back together. The men learn that Jennifer has survived and beat Matthew up for deceiving them. Frequently Asked Questions Q: The film tells the story of Jennifer Hills , a fiction writer based in New York City who exacts revenge on each of her tormentors after four men gang rape and leave her for dead. Vengeance is Mine They quickly decided that they had made the wrong decision — the officer, whom Zarchi described as “not fit to wear the uniform”, delayed taking her to the hospital and instead insisted that she follow formalities such as giving her full name and the spelling , even though her jaw had been broken and she could hardly speak. How moral panic led to a mass ban of ‘video nasties ‘ “.

film i spit on your grave 1978 indowebster

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Further, there is no suggestion that she ‘asked for it’ or enjoyed it, except, of course, in the rapists’ own perceptions, from which the film is careful to distance itself.

film i spit on your grave 1978 indowebster

Views Read Edit View history. An aspiring writer is repeatedly gang-raped, humiliated, and left for dead by four men whom she systematically hunts down to seek revenge. Its consensus reads, ” I Spit on Your Grave is as aggressively exploitative as its title suggests, although as a crude rejoinder to misogyny, it packs a certain amount of undeniable power.


Jennifer has her groceries delivered by Matthew, who is mildly mentally disabled. I Spit on Your Grave Blu-ray edition audio commentary. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Browse free movies and TV series.

Women in Danger “. While trying to score marijuana in the city, they are kidnapped and brutalized by a gang of oyur convicts.

film i spit on your grave 1978 indowebster

Cinema’s top lethal lady vengeance returns in the most anticipated sequel of all time. Andy tries to attack her but she escapes with the axe.

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Is the Re-Release Version uncensored? Clover notes that she and others like her “appreciate, however ggrave, the way in which [the movie’s] brutal simplicity exposes a mainspring of popular culture”.

He tells of how he, a friend and his daughter were driving by a park when they witnessed a young woman crawling out of the bushes bloodied and naked he later learned the young woman was taking a common shortcut to her boyfriend’s house when she was attacked.

Stanley moves towards the boat and grabs hold of the motor to climb aboard, begging Jennifer not to kill him. Camille Keaton was one of over 4, actresses who auditioned for the role of Jennifer. Porter as Bill Tasgal Isaac Agami They catch Jennifer one day and strip her naked for the village idiot Matthew and rape her.

A Serbian Film The Atlantic Monthly Group.


Joe Grant, a light-skinned African-African, heads to a small Southern town to investigate the lynching death of his brother. In the following days, a traumatized Jennifer pieces both herself and her manuscript back together.


Angela is still haunted by the memory of being gang raped and almost killed years ago. That is what mostly makes the insowebster within this movie shocking and disturbing. A reappraisal was made by Carol J.

Hasil Pencarian: I Spit On Your Grave 1978

He described actress Camille Keaton as “brave” for taking on the role. Many nations, indowebsrer IrelandNorwayIcelandand West Germanybanned the film altogether, claiming that it “glorified violence against women”. Archived from the original on It continued to be sold untilwhen another reclassification caused its ban in Australia.

I can’t of course with a straight face claim that this is a brilliant movie or anything like that, it’s far too amateur like made for that but it basically is great as an ’70’s exploitation flick, that is worthy of its cult status. Vengeance is Mine University Press of Mississippi.

Use the HTML below. Butcher as Isac Agami Ronit Haviv Original theatrical poster for the release. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free!