Fulfil those very easy requirements and you can not only re-roll your Warlord Trait but every unit gains Rage if it rolls 10 or more for its charge distance Ork players will be familiar with something similar. I’ll give you this, your work certainly looks good! I really like that. Flesh Tearers Codex Supplement. Although the Chapter does not have many vehicles compared to other chapters mainly due to the same reasons they don’t have many marines they do make plenty of use of Rhinos, Stormravens, and Predators in their offensives for fast transport and heavy fire support, along with having a decent amount of dreadnoughts as well they probably don’t have trouble keeping a decent number of those things ready due to that whole “high casualty rate” thing. This leads many of them including their vehicles, from their Rhinos to their Battle Barge:

flesh tearers supplement

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More hardcore in general than the Blood Angelssince they’ve all got a bad case of Geneseed AIDSprobably from drinking a thousand gallons of blood from Slaanesh followers every supp,ement or trying too hard to be coolthat results in a higher number of marines getting the Black Rage than other chapters.


I just want to ask if the current ebook has anything story or background wise that is unique to that book. Furiosos are AV13, Supplemeny to boot as well.

Flesh Tearers

The book kicks off with a brief introduction and then it is deep into the background of the Flesh Tearers. Several functions may not work. Bjorn Firewalker 29 Sep They’ve been outright called heretics on numerous occasions, but presumably every time people start asking questions they get an unexpected case of teareds limbs”.

Always loved them some more info and some rules for the future wouldn’t be a bad investment. Death Spectres – Exorcists. It’s a good read and I’m half tempted even though I don’t play them.

flesh tearers supplement

They’re a second founding chapter and as such are fuck flewh. Gorthaur 25 Sep I think I will do me some more Age of Sigmar forces, and then take a good, long look at a small ha! Electric Boogaloo, otherwise known as Cretacia.

This site uses cookies. Deep red with black shoulderpads, helmet and backpack and aquila. Flesh Tearers Codex Supplement. Indeed – what sort of bastard would want to use their codex? Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists.

flesh tearers supplement

Nothing stopping anyone discussing the supplement here is there? If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Which, ironically, I think nerds do even more vehemently than tearegs. Victus, to want to charge straight into the enemy and chainsaw them into bits.


Again, in summary; they’re a fucking Khornate Cult except they call him “The Emperor” instead of Khorne. Looks great and has inspired me to work on my FT after work today if it’s not a long flrsh. This strategy seems to generally work, but is also probably why many of them end up dead.

I’ll give you this, your work certainly looks good! I really like that. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. But then the conclusion dropped a bomb, “ebook”.

Flesh Tearers – 1d4chan

GrimApostle 14 Jan Cassor the Damned hes from deathstorm Fast Attack: I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. This page was last modified on 24 Septemberat Had a read, looks good.

On the tabletop, the ‘Shield of Baal: