Icy Tower icytower Twitter. Now with more Whoop-de-doo! Playing Icy Tower on your mobile? Icy Tower 2 is an arcade game where your objective is simple – jump as far up a tower as you can! Icy Tower 2 doesn’t change the basic gameplay. Play Icy Tower Classic today!

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Now with more Whoop-de-doo!

Icy Tower Retro

Softonic review Icy Tower 2 is an arcade game where your objective is simple – jump as far up a tower nz you can! Playing Icy Tower on your mobile? It’s an unusual control method, but surprisingly easy to pick up. Come talk about it here on Palringo!

Icy Tower Download APK for Android – Aptoide

And don’t forget to share this awesome piece of news! You have to tilt the screen to move, and tilt harder to make Harold jump higher. What’s your best score? Icy Tower 2 One of the most popular indie games of all time returns.


Unlike the original, Harold now jumps automatically. Icy Tower is with Nicole Borromeo. Download and installation help. And look here’s a handy link to click on and everything For iOS and Android.

Icy Tower 2 Zombie Jump APK

Have you played Icy Tower lately? Not many days left for XMAS!

We also added a bunch of cool stuff like custom avatars and upgrades! As you proceed you win coins, which xndroida can spend on power ups to help you get even higher, as aandroida as various boosters and hats! See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews. Play Icy Tower Classic today! It’s Friday AND it’s nearly Christmas so why not kick back a little, get your phone out and jump some floors!

Check out this addictive new game from the creators of Icy Tower.

Icy Tower Retro for Android – APK Download

Maybe this is the day you beat your record! A classic in the making: D Play it on you Macbook today! A new game published by the creators of Icy Tower! Try it out now!


Icy Tower is with Nk Rex King and 2 others. Icy Tower was one of the first games to prove that simple, easy to pick up gameplay could trump big budget titles for popularity. Check out this little gem from the makers android Icy Tower coming soon! User reviews about Icy Tower 2 Review. Sections of this page. Icy Tower was one of the first Isn’t it a good day to play Icy Tower?

Download and connect to Palringo to pocket yourself some freeeeee tokens! Don’t forget that Icy Tower is still out there!

More than 20 million downloads is hard to argue with!