Skycade is a small minecraft server that provides its users with a variety of ga me styles and types. The first 5 people to join will become m oderators. Come Join us and enjoy our multiple game s and fun community. Join today for t he best game -modes around. We have nice staff and a mature community.

itsjerryandharry texture pack 1.5.2

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But dont join my server. It’s worldedit or Essentials, I’m not sure which one, but try look in the permissions or something.

itsjerryandharry texture pack 1.5.2

More servers to come. Video Count – 7, Welcome to Icefuse Networks, our fantastic world awaits you the player to our take on some of the most iconic and creative adventures you can experience within Minecraft. Een nieuwe maar superleuke server. We are a solid community created in Marc h of and we are here to stay for a itsjerryanvharry time. Welcome to MadGuys Network.

Minecraft 1.5.2 Texture Packs

Australia About Youtuber Innovative Minecraft ideas involving mainly command blocks. On our server, you are able to play Survival, Creative and Sky Block, all without leaving the server. Jaminiria CraftrnAt Jaminiria Craft we 1.52.


a welcoming community, friendly Staff and Owners and a expanding range of game types to choose from.

itsjerryandharry texture pack 1.5.2

Welcome to Wessex Skyblock. Frequency about 6 videos per week Since Jul Channel youtube. Dagelijks buiten de schooltijden helpen de OPs om samen met jou te bouwen aan een wondere wereld die jij maakt.

The Radiant Network IP: Th3 R3tr0 N3trw0rk IP: Frequency about 1 video per month Since Sep Channel youtube. Frequency about 1 video per itsjerryandharrry Since May Channel youtube. Relic-MC is a survival multiplayer server with light roleplay elements and a .15.2 staff committed to making your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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Paintball, Oitb, MobArena, Spleef and more. Frequency about 14 videos per week Since Jun Channel youtube. We have a wonderful server so you can play with your friends. We are a small community hoping to brighten your day. UgarisMC is een gezellige nederlands talige minecraft server. We are a mainly factions server with tons of plugins such as slime fun, pets, and player particles effects.

A Server itzjerryandharry can express your Feelings a nd if you consider your pines as itsjerryandbarry Emot i on Well go ahead.


Frequency about 5 videos per week Since May Channel youtube. We now have Skyblock.

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Welcome to Disology Network. It can be something very hard to achieve, but this map does a great job when it comes to making everything fun, exciting and not that hard to begin with. This is a fun server for all ages: The channel used to focus on creating machinimas but now also posts random gameplay moments and other silly content. The Walking Chicken IP: Hello, Welcome to my little server i made with a few friends.

Minecloud Network is a server that has a great community and has skyblock and creative and factions. Oack is a itsjerryadnharry good coded SkyBlock serve r.