If you have never seen them before, they provide a serious “WTF? This book caught my eye last week because of how comically skinny it is, given the title. Parts that are not good but that you can easily avoid are called the bad parts. Like O’reilly’s Nutshell series, there are parts essay where he explains why he thinks a particular feature or class of features is good, but most of it reads like a language reference, albeit a reference for a subset of a language which is fine, Stroustrup does the same thing when he feels like it But like most references, it is not a place to go if you are trying to learn how to do anything. Nobody told me that when I started to learn it. Use programming forms that avoid adding confusion. Gives you an overview of the Javascript parts that are supposedly “good”.

javascript the good parts douglas crockford

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By offering a critique of the language rather than just a reference, it packs parfs useful content into its few pages than many other, weightier books. They’re this book’s primary worth. A large portion of the book is occupied by flowcharts describing the syntax of the language.

javascript the good parts douglas crockford

Best-practice suggests you declare all variables at the top of the function and declare all functions before you call them. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.


JavaScript: The Good Parts

Confusing code should be avoided. Same applies to programming. Also there is a distinctly condescending tone that is a bit off-putting. Syntax diagrams are used to explain every construct. Null pointer exceptions can create many bugs within JavaScript code. He argues that it is an essential skill, that good code-writing eliminates ambiguities see also: Humans right programs with the brains of hunters and gatherers.

javascript the good parts douglas crockford

But the language has also carries a lot of design problems, many have born from its original sponsors’ Microsoft and Netscape’s bitter rivalry. The only purpose they really serve doug,as to remind you that JavaScript has a formal syntax, despite the terrible decisions of browser vendors to be sloppy about it. The fifth edition was released in It does all of this in pages or so.

JavaScript the Good Parts

As others have mentioned, the wire diagrams in the back material are a baffling addition. By restricting yourself to only the good parts, and taking some simple steps to mitigate the bad as far as possible, Crockford shows how it is possible to write Javascript programs that are readable and maintainable.

On the right or on the left? Jjavascript, a quick douglaz I don’t understand the consistently high rating this book gets. Feb 14, David rated it liked it.

JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

When you pick up the rhino book O’Reilly’s definitive tome on JS and thumb through it, you notice that it is written from javasvript perspective of JS being introduced to the industry. Write a function that takes an argument and returns that argument.


I had completely failed to extract the small, beautiful language from the assorted facts I had been presented. May 03, Austin rated it really liked it. This authoritative book scrapes away these bad features to reveal a subset of JavaScript that’s more reliable, readable, and maintainable than the language as a whole–a subset you can use crocktord create truly extensible and efficient code.

Not everythin This is a must-read book if you use Javascript seriously. Jan 03, Barry King rated it it was amazing.

Javascript the Good Parts – Advanced Javascript Course Online

I also found the overall organization to be a little strange. Intuition is a part of programming. It is targetted at experienced programmers who are n I had wanted to read this book for some years, as I have written more JavaScript code in my life than I care to admit, and in that time have given much thought to the topic of good coding practice in this language.

It’s kind of a lot like English now that I think about it.

The programming process does not stop at the compiler. View all 21 comments.