Numbuh 4 uncovers a game in which priceless vases are broken. But one ex-KND member is out to scramblify his brain, and it’s up to Sector V to make sure he is safe, especially Numbuh 3. Numbuh 3 is forced to be married to King Sandy again when she is at a Rainbow Monkey theme park , but the others won’t believe her. While the team is off on their recess-rescuing mission, the hamsters are attacked and captured by the Sinister Felines from Atop the Litterbox, but end up battling the Hamsters Next Door. Numbuh 5 journeys to the exotic Al-Shugar Desert to recover her stolen candy , the Blurpleberry Supreme, and discovers she’s not the only one searching for the powerful, mystical candy. When Gallagher Elementary students are being arrested by the School Safety Patrol for crimes they are envisioned to commit, including detective Numbuh 2, it’s up to Numbuh 3 to investigate a psychic member of the School Safety Patrol while trying to finish her social studies homework.

knd a turma do bairro o filme

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Knd A Turma do Bairro Operação Z.E.R.O((FILME)

Maurice, a member of the Kids Next Door is de-commissioned. Numbuh 2’s grandmother joins forces with co friends to locate a pudding supply, which was trapped between the surface of the treehouse.

knd a turma do bairro o filme

Numbuh 5 thinks the others are insane and tries to bring them back, but the babies themselves have other plans. The DCFDTL kidnap the team’s classmate, a nerdy, spit-talking girl named Leaky-Leona and force her to lead them to the dark underbellies of the school.

Jimmy Greenville the fourth-grade president forces other kids back into school on a first snow day for a special assembly after Numbuh 1 is too sick to play. But the restaurant is actually bairrl sharks, with kids on the menu as murderingthanks to a new money-making scheme by Chester.


knd a turma do bairro o filme

Sector V tries to destroy some pianos in a truck with a hamster that acts as Numbuh 4’s replacement. Madame Margaret’s abominable plan is to create a twisted utopia where girls rule the world, using a demonic weapon called the girlifying ray that can turn anything feminine.

The KND go to rescue babies from the hospital to protect them from becoming automatic adults. Numbuh 5 tries to keep the treehouse quiet so Numbuh 1 can sleep. Mandy arrives at Billy’s house and knows Numbuh 1 is not Billy, and tortures him into revealing the truth. Heinrich comes back, but this time needs to be saved by Numbuh 5 as she recruits Stickybeard and his band of candy pirates to help her rescue Heinrich from Black John Licorice and his pirates.

The legal age for drinking soda has been changed to When salad oil is discovered in the school playground, Numbuh 1 must find a way to save recess, while still keeping a promise to Lizzie. Numbuh 1 wakes up to discover that he is the president of the United States in another reality, who is about to sign the Bill of No Rights For Kids.

Lista de episódios de Codename: Kids Next Door – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Numbuh 5 tries to stop Heinrich, now a chocolate monster Recapping the aftermath of “Operation: Meanwhile, Numbuh 4 will fight King Sandy for Numbuh 3. The boss of Rainbow Monkeys Inc.

But it seems to be more than what it appears to her and Numbuh 5. A epidemic of conjunctivitis pink-eye has taken several victims.

Numbuh 4 is mistaken for a cat by an old lady after being stuffed in a kitty costume from his dispute with Numbuh 3. Every year, the KND choose someone to be “IT” which involves a game of tag to choose the next Supreme Leader, so Numbuh sets up the game after she decides to resign after being tired of the job.


knd a turma do bairro o filme

Tommy loves Numbuh 2’s cruddy, old tricycle but gets laughed at when the other kids see him riding it. Numbuh 5 comes face to face with a vicious dog who is always eating her homework.

An archive is shown of the creation of adults, and their rebellion of children. A king forces Numbuh 3 to marry him, but she agrees because she thinks they’re ffilme.

After being thawed out, he’s confused by the new modern mnd, especially with the fact there are now girls in the KND. Unfortunately, they end up in combat with Shaunie’s dad, who is none other than Mr.

Codename: Kids Next Door – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Numbuh 2 attempts to deliver the fourth grade president’s message. Numbuh 4 releases Mr. Numbuh 1, having previously eluded Number 86, immediately sets out to determine who’s ordering the wrongful decommissioning of scores of KND operatives. Numbuh 5 tries to save her sister Cree from a contagious disease that KND have made in revenge for creating chicken pox.

Numbuh 86 is having a top-secret girls only mission. Numbuh 2 investigates a pink eye outbreak in Gallagher Elementary in a noir style. Numbuh 3 is forced to be married to King Sandy again when she is at a Rainbow Monkey theme parkbut the others won’t believe her.

They black mail him with them.

Numbuh 4’s disgust at anything Rainbow Monkey only increases when he finds himself trapped on Rainbow Monkey Island with a gargantuan, monstrous Rainbow Monkey Kong.