If you need to change the Teacher Channel this utility will enable the channel number selector. I think that was the reason I skipped it and moved to one of the paid for options. Any issues with Vlans or does nobody here use them? Click Finish to complete the installation. If we cannot find and fix a LanSchool problem with a few phone calls, e-mails or remote debug sessions, we will fly a technician anywhere in North America at our expense to resolve the issue. Allowed Web Sites This option allows you to type in a list of websites that are allowed when Limit Web is turned on. The teacher will use this computer to control all student computers in the same lab.

lanschool 7.4

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Set school policies around appropriate behavior, monitor and enforce the policy.

LanSchool 7.4

If your teacher computer has multiple real or virtual network adapters, specify the adapter that LanSchool should use. Even complex teacher screens should appear on student screens within three seconds. Results 1 lanschokl 15 of I think we may go down a paid for option then though as it will be used on a much larger scale.

The teacher will use this computer to control all student computers in the same lab. In addition to the drastic bandwidth reduction of wireless networks, the Access Point architecture of However, before running the SetupTSClient.


lanschool 7.4

This mode makes the LanSchool console so it cannot be minimized or terminated. Application Limiting The Application Limiting tab lets you configure the following preferences: Its dead easy to push out by group policy.

This mode adds an extra level of security to prevent unauthorized lanscuool from being used.

Both will need to belong to the same IP subnet. This is detailed in the above Terminal Sever instructions. Simple teacher screen changes should appear almost immediately. Other than this, there are no other special installation concerns. It will automatically update the LanSchool files. Deep Freeze Lanwchool User Guide.

lanschool 7.4

We use it on all of our curriculum machines and give teachers in deparments with computers the relevant channels. In the LanSchool console, select the Macs that you would like to update.

After the software has been installed laschool all clients of the host, the host should be rebooted and all users should login again. When the current class list is dismissed, all students in the current class will be assigned back to their home channel in this example.

lanschool 7.4

In the most restrictive mode and perhaps most useful mode for schoolsONLY the applications specified can be run. This is due to the Power Save architecture ,anschool the To fully configure this mode, you must have Domain Rights to create and populate a domain User Group.


Download LanSchool – Select LanSchool Download Site

There is an entry in that file for each thin client which will be running either the LanSchool Student or Teacher software. E-mail Send your questions via e-mail to support lanschool. The support guys are good as well.

Note that broadcast packets do not cross subnets or VLANs. This both improves performance and lowers network bandwidth requirement.

(PDF) LanSchool v Installation Guide Table of Contents | Stephanus Christifan –

Security Monitor is also available in the utilities folder on the LanSchool download image. The installation process is still simple, but slightly different on a Mac. To silently lahschool LanSchool type in the following command-line parameters for either teacher.

Verify the existence of the “LSeries. Increase the Broadcast or Multicast speed.