Open Preview See a Problem? But it is also the main character of Margot, who is appearing on the show to create another chapter of the novel external to the book. The commodity is produced. Along with billboards promoting both the book and Witkowski, the title was marketed using techniques hitherto unseen by the Polish liter- ary industry. The commodity has no rela- tionships; the brand is constituted in and as relations. It is like bio-power: Lash and Lury write:

lubiewo bez cenzury audiobook

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The value of the writer can be found not just in his literature, but also in its many extensions and emotional capital. The value of this work lies crnzury in the writing itself, but is bestowed from outside, and comprises in part our own relationship with the brand.

The author, together with his autofictional text, create a single object of culture, one that combines the material and media aspects. Witkowski thus functions not just as a writer, but also as the quality that binds all of his public appearances together.

Jacek Poniedziałek

Literature becomes a material object of culture when it descends into re- ality and designs a space through which we can move. Brands are in this sense v i r t u a l s. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. To ask other readers questions about Copyrightplease sign up.


As virtuals, they may be actualized in any number of products. This device alone, one that combines audiibook statements under a single label, suggests that they collectively form a single literary space.


lubiewo bez cenzury audiobook

I believe that this reification of literature was only possible because the process was strictly tied to the mediatization of its author. It is literature that bears the promise of a multiplicity of experiences.

lubiewo bez cenzury audiobook

xudiobook Thus Walter Benjamin talks about the colour of experience. We live in the same space in which the reified artworks operate, and thus we do not interpret signifiers, but rather encounter signifiers; the mediascape is an intense environment.

The Mediation of Things Cambridge: The divi- sion between artworks and things ceases to be functional. The Author as a Brand. The brand experience is a feeling, though not a concrete perception. Witkowski, known to the public as a figure in his novels and the mass media, appears before them and thus confirms that one is tied to the other, that he himself is the literature.

One example is the Euro football championship hosted by Poland and Ukraine. Consequently, his literary work pours out of the individual novels and begins to form a space of autobiographical information. That said, I don’t read a lot of gay fiction, Polish or otherwise, so maybe talking about fucking IS the point. Media and things meet in the same sphere of intensity, the media environment, which is at once the place in which we live.

(PDF) The Author as a Brand | Dominik Antonik –

The theory postulated by Lash and Lury can be expanded to include the phenomenon of the reification of texts, making it particularly useful in describing contempo- rary literature, which is undergoing a number of transformations as an object of culture and is acquiring its own dynamic within the culture of circulation.

We perceive the object, but we experi- ence the intensity of the audioboook, the signified.


In writing about the process of reification, Lash and Lury make no mention of literature, as the assumption that media are objects is associ- ated with one condition: Help Center Find new research papers in: All of our books are checked for quality before they go on sale and we like to think that our prices mean that no book is beyond your budget. Our ability to pick out and combine information enables us to operate freely in the mediascape and to consume the work of such writers as Witkows- ki in the manner I cdnzury above.

lubiewo bez cenzury audiobook

Asia rated it liked it Aug 15, But the Internet is not a stable archive. The fame the author achieved with this novel is unparalleled in Pol- ish literature, and while the book can be compared to a detonator, the actual explosive charge in this case was, of course, the mass media, which blew it out of proportion, causing it to gradually fall back down into the quotidian.

The commodity has no memory at all; the brand has memory. We encounter materiality — voices, quotations, a likeness — and we experience intensity, the essence of the matter. Aleksandra Szranko marked it as to-read Jun 07, The price we pay for open ac- cess to information is its short shelf life.