In this case, use password if supplied, otherwise prompt the user for one. If the terminal interrupt key sequence is used whilst ftp is awaiting a reply from the remote server for the ABOR processing, then the connection will be closed. By default, ftp will attempt to use a PORT command when establishing a connection for each data transfer. See glob for details on the filename expansion. The arguments specified are sent, verbatim, to the remote FTP server. BUGS Correct execution of many commands depends upon proper behavior by the remote server.


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Otherwise, the full remote name is used as the local name, relative to the local root directory. SUSE uses cookies to give you the best online experience. See glob for details on the filename expansion. There is a limit of 16 macros and total characters in all defined macros. If globbing is turned off with globthe file name arguments are taken literally and not expanded.

Refer to rate for more information. Interactive prompting lukemfgp during multiple file transfers to allow the user to selectively retrieve or store files.

FTP client changed in SLES 12, where to find the old one? | Support | SUSE

The generated unique filename will be reported. This can be overridden by using the -n flag to disable auto-login. Resynchronization may be necessary following a violation of the FTP protocol by the remote server. On the new page which comes up, several architectures will likely be available. The program allows a user to transfer files to and from a remote lukemrtp site. If a command-name is specified it is supplied to the server as well. If the terminal interrupt key sequence is used whilst ftp is awaiting a reply from the remote server for the ABOR processing, then the connection will be closed.


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It resides in the user’s home directory. If this token is present, the auto-login process will supply the specified string if the remote server requires an additional account password, or the auto-login process will initiate an Lukmftp command if it does not.

If remote-file is specified, show status of remote-file on remote machine. The recommendation that this situation implies is that administrators should either rewrite scripts to work with the new client which is often minor workor sometimes the best option administrators should provide exact details to SUSE of what worked before and does not work now, so SUSE can investigate the possibility of improving lftp or its backward compatibility wrapper.

This option has been deprecated as ftp now tries to use passive mode by default, falling back to active mode if the server does not support passive connections. Lukemfgp is the default type. Receiving transfers will be halted by sending an FTP protocol ABOR command to the remote server, and discarding any further data received.

If this is done, ftp will immediately attempt to lykemftp a connection to an FTP server on that host; otherwise, ftp will enter its command interpreter and await lukeemftp from the user. If newmask is omitted, the current umask is printed. However, some administrators are finding the scripts lukemfto previously worked with lukemftp do not work with lftp.



If the shell command includes spaces, the argument must be quoted; e. If arguments are specified, characters in remote filenames are translated during lukkemftp commands and put commands issued without a specified remote target filename.


If a macro named init is defined, it is automatically executed as the last step in the auto-login process. Commands which take a byte count lukemft; an argument e.

If no argument is given, ftp prints a list of the known commands.


This document was written to provide information on where to download such packages. If proxy authentication is required and there is a username and password in this URL, they will automatically be used in the first attempt to authenticate to the proxy.

This should not be taken to mean that this is the recommended or best course of action, nor that other courses of action should not be pursued. If no arguments are specified, the filename mapping mechanism is unset. See glob for details of filename expansion. Remote FTP commands known to support options include: If arguments are specified, characters in local filenames are translated during mget commands and get commands issued without a specified local target filename.