What do I get after my initial time period is over? To the knowledge of the developers there are no current bugs. Macro programs like this have existed for a long time and there is nothing odd or new about them. Pixel Monitoring The current line of monitors were made with the gamer in mind. How does payment work? Then, things are sort of a mixed bag as far as paths are concerned.


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Disconnection Auto-Login – If you get disconnected from your server a lot you can optionally set the bot up to log back in and continue. I tried using some VM’s to no avail But, we are confident some will be found, as with most software. You will always have access to ver 2. Goodluck on your bot Sheik.

MacroGoblin – EQ2 Bots, GW2 Bots, TSW Bots, and more!

Macrogoblin works for GW2. Before the 5-day refund period is up, make sure to test very basic things on your game window.


The program can be made to automate multiple games, on multiple computers, simultaneously! Avoid mobs of certain level if you wish.


Level more characters with you by using one of the many EQ2 two box bots. Want a healer to heal your group when needed? It also requires that you have the Windows. We macrogoblib not, however, guarantee a specific timeframe in which a bug will be fixed. If you are sloppy, you could be kicked out of an online game. This makes playing the game much easier on the hands. How can I guarantee I’m actually paying securely through Paypal?

MacroGoblin – FAQ

Originally Posted by thai If no luck will sound audio alarm. These are only available with an active subscription.


Everquest 2 cleric bots, also known as EQ2 healing bots, are widely available. How do I know if MacroGoblin will work for my game? There are guides and video tutorials as well.

To the knowledge of the developers there are no macrogobllin bugs.

Selling Macrogoblin + Viperbot Account

However, most bots that are made by Goblin Development will be highly supported. You should use the “Quick Setup Wizard” to set it up. Your purchase also comes with a 1 year subscription to available MMO Bots, MacroGoblin updates, upgrades and macroogblin access. By Varoze in forum World of Warcraft Exploration.


MacroGoblin will detect if you do not have the Framework installed and it will forward you to the correct amcrogoblin. Many of the memory reading bots available here do require maintenance after some game updates.

MacroGoblin does things in a generalized way. This macro software allows the user to automate and control multiple programs on multiple computers, simultaneously. Are there any bugs. I also have used mg for satori and e few mzcrogoblin games. Register for your free account!

Download the Installer at the bottom of the forum post and run it. My Downloads My Account Upgrades. Or a user of this program could enlighten us because it is a pretty big purchase.