View all 12 comments. Human issues like animal abuse. Fun, sexy, and hilarious. The beginning really hocked me in. Even though I found the friendship phase is bit too dragging, I still smiling and cheering for both of them.

mai taid up pdf

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Nonetheless, it was nice. I am and will always be an Alice Clayton fan. We root for them with every sentence. She comes up with an idea I would be mad, but Chloe handled it by just accepting it and I wish she was so understanding. I, again, agree with Grace. Book 4 of Coctail series POV: I have nothing agains dogs, loved them, they are lovely creatures.

Mai Tai’d Up (Cocktail, #4) by Alice Clayton

More lovin and maybe an epilogue. I love the whole play on BIG and small. I just didn’t expect them to take over the book.

mai taid up pdf

Cue in the hot sexy Dr. While technically, this is book four of the Cocktail series, it could very easily be read as a standalone — although each of the books in this series are fantastic, so I highly recommend you indulge! The fact that our main characters were dog lovers, was just another aspect of the story that appealed to me. Chloe is an ex beauty pageant winner and has always done what was expected of her.


Mai Tai’d Up

And no, seems like the author try to make a big deal about Charles’ penis size but the if you read more to the end of the book it’s definitely not about the penis size that make Chloe run from her wedding. Highly recommended if you’re feeling down or bored, if you find yourself in a book slump, or just need to relax after a long day.

Christian Grey rated it really liked upp Shelves: This is the story of: But Chloe doesn’t want to be a rebound girl for Lucas, she wants more. This book would make a great movie!

Mai Tai’d Up eBook by Alice Clayton | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Jan 10, Elodie rated it really liked it. At least you managed to cry in the shape of a giant dick. Sparks immediately start flying, but what a coincidence, both faid them have recently suffered from broken engagements. Whenever I need a good laugh or a good pick me up read Alice Clayton never fails me.


mai taid up pdf

She runs out on her wedding the morning of. Chloe left her wedding because she wont settle with a man she can not connect.

View all 23 comments. In starting the rescue, Chloe becomes friends with the local vet Lucas. Well, I’m pu hoping they make an appearance in the next book.

Sweet, sexy and fun. The suggestion twid connect with the vet there in Monterey was perfect and Chloe took the bait. I think Lucas acts too dramatic and a bit immature. And judging by his response to her, he feels the same.

Even though I could not exactly call it pining, it was something that at times irritated me. I felt like Lucas never took the incititive.

I wish I have a Lucas as a friend.