Included all The Burning Lands maps. Clean boat lines, shorelines, and more labels. From there, I moved out to all starting cities; cleaning up navigation, geometry, stairs, doors, cultural forges, boats, and etc. Ferrott, the Dream — added NPCs and locations for the mercenary upgrade quest. Clean lines and notes on one-way ramps. Merchant information was also fixed. Tempest Temple cleanup, redid large portions of Degmar.


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Cleaned NW area of zone. Cleaned up portions of Argin-Hiz and added second floors to most of the houses. Hundreds and hundreds of hunter locations in dozens of zones. Cave remap Qeynos Hills qeytoqrg Blackburrow blackburrow. I will continue mapfienv make an override set of TBL maps that include changes throughout the rest of beta.


New map Wedding Chapel Dark weddingchapeldark. New set of maps — Brewall’s EverQuest Maps. In The Darkened Sea, spent quite a bit of time cleaning up and recoloring the geometry in Arx Mentis, should be much easier to see how to get around. Includes all geometry and labels.


The Magician’s Tower

A massive update of all original EverQuest zones. Merchant information was also fixed. North Qeynos rogue guild area Added stairs, doors, checked zonelines, secret doors, etc. I do not recommend placing custom maps in the main maps folder.

When this happens, any custom geometry is lost and mapfoend will often duplicate.


New version of map files. Went through all zones and relabeled all zone connections to reflect the true name of the zone. Took me a long time to get z-axis clean. These are best-of maps that I have put time into cleaning up, clarifying, and correcting. My final review was visiting the zone with my maapfiend EQAtlas binder printouts and adding additional information.


Minor changes to fix some zone names. Some of the major changes include: Ramps added in Stoneroot Falls. Includes all of my personal maps for The Broken Mirror.

All players from progression to latest content have something to appreciate in this set. Place these files in a new folder or delete any existing files maapfiend your Brewall maps folder. Layer cleanup Qeynos Catacombs qcat Surefall Glade qrg. Also in TDS, I remapped all the towers and tower levels.


at Website Informer. Mapfiend. Visit Mapfiend.

A massive set of updates for almost every zone. Added a small missing area to Lake Rathetear on northern side of zone with some barbarians clinging to the cliff.

If you are in EoK or doing progression server in Luclin, there are tons of enhancements: Clean boat lines, shorelines, and more labels. All the TBL maps now include legends with hunter, collection, and other mapciend. Especially Veil of Alaris. For a full list of changes, see this POST.

Redid the map for Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve from scratch.