I have really written against you and even called you with filthy words. I am fan of yours from today. Now that the VP threat is over people are putting all sorts of spin to drive a wedge between Srilanka and India. Basil said they would not allow them to go to a western country but may consider sending them to India if an application was made. That was the reason for the Indo-Sri lanka accord. But with the convictions he says about Mr. Are you a policeman of South East Asia?

mathivathani song

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The Sri Lankan army, after initial setbacks, terminated the war by steam-rollering the LTTE in an orthodox military campaign that saw the use of air power and artillery that led to enormous mathivahhani casualties. That is because it will be difficult to find a man whom VP did not want to kill. I remember reading somewhere that she had relatives in Denmark. Velupillai for the act of his son.

mathivathani song

Thereafter the TUF youths had launched a non-violent agitation on April 21st demanding unrestricted temple entry. For once, the entire political spectrum of Tamil Nadu spoke in one voice.

The Veluppillais lived in the upper floor of a house owned by a doctor who was a sympathiser of the LTTE. But MR is the man created the environment by winning the war and pave the way to all to go and talk about democracy anywhere.


mathivathani song

Kari reminds me of my superstitious grandma. Look at the people who constantly have a go at each other.

Prabhakaran, Veluppillai and the father-son relationship |

After the ball started rolling in this direction they asked for devolution in the sonv of Federalism but this resulted in violent attacks on the Tamils and Tamil leaders, resulting in them jettisoning Federalism and adopting the Vaddukodai resolution of seperate country of Eelam.

Just because it is funded by the Chinese?

I would not do kill thousands and thousands of innocent, old, retired, loyal government servents like his father to mathivatani what I believe. It is already mathivathain that the Batti Mayoress switched sides for 10 million, MP nomination and cell franchise.

If the war against terrorism is really over then why are two sick,old women being detained in a military cantonment? I was all along under the impression that sea ports were meant for ships to dock.

mathivathani song

We know how many millions were transferred to enforce the boycott last time. It took some time to read this well written article. Again exactly 32 years later May 18, Prabhakaran was killed by Armed Forces.

They would not have been treated badly. If no one cares about the caste system can non-Govigama caste Bhikkus be enrolled in the Siam Nikaya? It is reported that his body is been allowed to be taken to his native land to be cremated at their family cemetary in VVT, something that would not have happened an year ago.


Would you write an article about kittu and also prabhakaran????? Though popularly known as the Sivan temple it is dedicated to Vaitheeswarar another name for Lord Shiva.

Pallikku Sendren ¦ Kutty Kutty Paattu – video dailymotion

It deepens like a coastal shelf. The Veluppillais along with Mrs. Prabhakaran was very attached to him. You should do the same with most of these petty. The Govt of India set up a tribunal to look into the issue and in the tribunal gave its mathivathaji allocating water to the four south indian states. Access was denied to relatives, family members, well-wishers and concerned human rights activists.

We lost so many thousands of innocent mathlvathani and so many billion worth assets in this 32 years. I do not think Veluppillai would have unilaterally named him.

Murder of Tamil Tiger little boy sparks outrage as portrayed in a new UK made documentary

This is where I think the arrogant, triumphalist mindset of Mahinda came into play. Veluppillai was mathivathsni diligent, duty-conscious officer with integrity and honesty.

So imagine how difficult to run the country.