After escaping, they find that the Prince has stolen the last Potato in the land, also for no good reason. Another one of the themed chambers. The last section of the map is in Hell. Once you pass even ONE of the tests, even if you’ve failed all the others, ALL the ways to fail are instantly removed. They’re only vaguely mentioned and represented by retextured Ghasts. Now has a sequel called Teamwork Towers.

minecraft adventure map ss gloria

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It has two routes, a “Lazy” route, where you complete all the witch’s challenges, and the “Real” router, where you fail all the witch’s challenges but get to escape the machine you’re trapped in. He is sent to oversee a branch of the company based in his home miecraft of Tuscarora.

Overview of om-aest

The town and all its people are returned to normal after the Jim Reaper dies. Ascension Woods Ruins for Ruins’ Sake: It makes fun avdenture unprepared players who prefer easy, shallow adventure maps rather than deeper effort-full maps.

The Innocent Piglet in the first map. The map starts off as very lighthearted, with the clumsy Witch guiding you throughout the way.


Gloria Part 2 – Give me a Cookie!

However, when they return, they find that the real danger comes from within It is a chase in deep space, but it has minectaft to do with turtles. The Riverside Sewer system is friggin’ huge.

minecraft adventure map ss gloria

Hard Levels, Easy Bosses: Many different types of them. Not only is his fight long and quite difficult, but it’s the first to introduce the complex sequential strategies tloria waves of minions and destroying objects to hurt the boss that are common to all following bosses. Phantom Protocol You play as Steve, a secret agent.

minecraft adventure map ss gloria

The second map explains that at the end of the first map the protagonist went insane. Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: This is Pharaoh Horobus’ objective. Zombie Apocalypse contains examples of: Her fight is the definite point where the map starts to get hard.

minecraft adventure map ss gloria

You wake up one morning after 50 years of hibernation to find that an evil wizard has taken over your kingdom. The biggest one even has a little house inside.

Specifically, blowing up the Overlord Portal is your final objective, and doing so reveals the exit of the final level. Then there’s the fight with Herobrine: In Professor Grizwald And The Redstone Keysthe protagonist, while going through Professor Grizwald’s old belongings, finds that he discovered a way into the lost diamond mines of the Restonians.


Finally Found the Body: Infernal Enigma A vast, open world map designed to simulate a fantasy RPG, complete with class system, epic storyline, shops, and sidequests.

“Minecraft Adventure Maps” Gloria Part 2 – Give me a Cookie! (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The Legions of Hell: The first map has you descend into a few very short caves during the Greenstown section as a sort of warmup for combat and puzzle solving. Horobus is creating an army in the Afterlife in the second map. Also, the Zombies were planning to build another one to summon the Overlord. Spell My Name with an “S”: Together, they climb their way through an Evil Tower of Ominousness to reach the Witherprogressing through four stages.

The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: Whether it’s sweeping alien vistas or intricate high-tech facilities, the settings are always almost completely devoid of life.

The world slowly but inexorably being taken over by the Corruption.