The focus is on exploring, foraging, manual farming, hand crafting, and living in harmony with nature. Corrected display of ores in stones from UndergroundBiomes. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: Here is a comparison to the default Minecraft pack: Fall Resource Pack for Minecraft 1. Post 27 Nov ,

minecraft texture packs 1.7 10 sphax purebdcraft

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The textures has been designed to work on the latest version available so they work perfectly in the 1.

Download Links for Minecraft 1. With it, Minecraft looks like a completely different game, as everything is changed into something that looks like minrcraft came straight out of a comic book. We are sure that there isn’t any viruses or malwares within the links that we offer.

The focus is on exploring, foraging, manual farming, hand crafting, and living in harmony with nature.

Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack 1.14 / 1.13

Next Optifine HD 1. Not 5, but 10!!! Sorry for the changes in lighting. Corrected display of ores in stones from UndergroundBiomes.

minecraft texture packs 1.7 10 sphax purebdcraft

Maybe its not the cleanest resource pack out there but it certainly has a huge point on giving a fresh full of like look to Minecraft again. Minecraft is the fastest growing Java game in the Internet history. Post 02 Apr The modpack now runs on Minecraft 1. Implementing some new ways of experiencing Minecraft, this resource pack adds some new features to the game that could affect your gameplay from so many points of view.


I created a patch to give the 1. Easy to find what you want! This marvel of a pack really shows how talented some people can be, and how amazingly different Minecraft can look.

This resource pack also comes with a number of add-ons to further enhance the experience for those players with the processing power to run them. All the possible resolutions are available from the x16 version to the x version, making huge improvements once you get up in the scale. Activate both packs with minecrafr main pack below the addon.

minecraft texture packs 1.7 10 sphax purebdcraft

Fexture well, if packss want to contribute at this pack, you can write a comment in the area below with what do you want to be implemented, and we will make sure that your idea will go directly to the developer. Last edited by MasterofSepuku on 27 Nov Post 01 Sep This website works better with JavaScript. Almost every aspect of the game is changed in this pack, and everyone should at least try it out once to experience it for themselves.

Forums All times are UTC. Where is the addon patch? But something happend to him and now he can’t keep doing videos. Standard Graphics with shaders Sildurs at medium: This resource pack has been created and focused a lot on giving a shiny and beautiful design with a clear predominance of yellowness over every block and texture, being this so strong that even the usual cobblestone and their derivatives have slightly marked that colour.


Please enter your name here. This pack comes in every resolution, from 16x all the way up to x, and there are some huge leaps and bounds in quality as you move upwards, towards the higher resolution versions. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack // –

I already download and install the textures for every mod seperatly but there are still some missing. Even the lowest resolution requires slightly more system power than the default Minecraft pack does, so keep that in mind. There is not much more else to say about this pack, other than that it looks great, works great, and if you ever wanted to build a world in a comic book, here is probably your best bet to do so.