Designed for automatically picking up mobs loot, and it works great too! Grass Covering Breaks when walked on. This stunning mod by Stewiecraft is just so amazing! Please ignore the Get one week of premium by compleating a survey!!! Extra Bees Mod for Minecraft 1.

minecraft trapcraft mod 1.5

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[1.5.1] Trapcraft Mod Download

Bear Trap This ones pretty cool! Minecraft ModsMods 1. Holds trappcraft prey in place while they periodically bleed out. Responsive Template by Bloggertheme9.

About Free Online Counter. Breaks when walked on.

TrapCraft Mod for Minecraft and « Minecraft Mods

It gives you the ability to easily trap and kill your enemies. People love them and enjoy them very much. Useful for collecting loot from traps. Anonymous August 18,5: Zip in your minecraft mods folder.


Due to their insatiable hunger for human flesh, zombies are not tricked by the dummy. It adds an array of items that do things like, lure targets, push them, suck there items into a chest, make them fall onto spikes and more!

Then place the number trapcrafg blocks you want the igniter to be able to reach in the slots to the right. Has 20 health and drops the vanilla human head on death. Stewiecraft said himself that he will of course eventually add SMP support!

Trapcraft – Secure Craft Protect Mod For Minecraft 1.14.4, 1.13.2

Rtapcraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1. This stunning mod by Stewiecraft is just so amazing! Breaks when walked on. Grass Covering My overall favourite part of this mod!

minecraft trapcraft mod 1.5

This neat little guy will suck any items toward it and place it inside of it! Trapcraft mod showcase minecraft 1. Featured Posts Minecraft Forge 1. Works great in unison with the spikes!


[] Trapcraft Mod Download | Minecraft Forum

Download from Server 1. Please ignore the Get one week of premium by compleating a survey!!! The grass covering is a thin layer of grass that minfcraft also blend with the grass colour of the biome that will break when walked on. Trapcraft add a variety of tools for creating traps so that you can defend yourself without necessarily going into battle. This pack is created by It does exactly what you think a Bear Trap should do! Blends to colour of grass on a per biome basis.

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minecraft trapcraft mod 1.5