Repeatedly keeping the MioPocket windows in the forground, would make this possible. Android Apps and Games. If you have any problems or questions not answered in the Readme, feel free to ask here. I have mapped my gps to mioautorun. What are the full paths to both apps, so that I can add those to auto-detection? Select Forum News – www.

miopocket mini 4.0

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NET Compact Framework 3.

You’re going to have a lot of fun with this one. I copy the registry for spectec and instal driver, the internet connection is working, I checked it on internet explorer and pocket mail.

Miopocket mini 4.0 release

Instead of the classic “Hello World”, I made a Beep. Such devices almost always boot into the manufacturer’s software with no way to exit it, meaning that you cannot run any other software; i.

Feedback is most welcome.

Thank you for any help given. If you need to upload a screenshot, use this link and the Miopoocket for the image will be http: Added TascalSearch, a file search tool.


miopocket mini 4.0

To correct this I simply comment it out. This means that you’ll have more trouble getting apps that you add, yourself, to work There all icons look absolutely perfect. Installation no longer applies USB registry settings, since USB is an important lifeline for failed installations and changing its settings can break it on some devices.

[TOOL/WinCE] – Pg. 2 | Windows Mobile Development and Hacking

The system font setting is now backed up with the registry. After that at Manage startup apps imopocket deleted AppStartupPri. Well, you’ve wrote, that you wanted MioPocket Mini to work without changing the init in the registry.

The 4 month wait for a new release was definitely worth it! Also, fixed installation trying to import 0-byte registry files and delivering “Syntax error” messages. Manual registry backup on devices with hive-based registries should display the standard prompt and success message now.

Sorry my english from streets. I performed a hard reset, tried diff card but no joy. Save Password Forgot your Password? Yeah, it takes some getting used to, but it doesn’t take very long to become comfortable with it.


Miopocket mini release download

Exception 0xCC Clicking on the calculator icon just once! I have mapped my gps to mioautorun. Edited by – KhaKev on 26 sept. Added minj for iGO Primo.

miopocket mini 4.0

Osprey Having done according to the readme I’ve used many releases of Miopocket I get this error: The hours you put in is probably innumerable. Just add your kiopocket. The files are iGOPrimo. When I insert the SD it kills Navigator. Added Pocket Tweak an app for tweaking system settings to Control Panel.

Also created a new visual skin changer to make swapping wallpapers and other elements of the new shell even easier.

Edited by – Cristip on 25 sept. Size difference is