Test tools for RFC connections. On a Mbps Ethernet this should take about 10 seconds. This answer has been deleted. However different Network Card vendors are supporting RSS in very different ways and very different configurations. Subscribe in a reader.


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A functionality which is essential on the server hardware we use today.

Performance problems when working with CAD desktop. You replaced a source system o This could be an indication of network problems: How does it work? Bundling both directions is especially interesting for intensive data load situations or the classical SAP homogenous, Unicode or heterogeneous system migration. Did you open the saprouter port there?

This test uses large blocks of data. This answer has been undeleted.


The normal situation is to have way smaller package sizes than 50K which are transferred. But then it was quite a few thousand or a few ten thousand packets of that size per second. So not only larger packages are getting sent by the DBMS server, it also is that more packages will be sent. Usually tens of thousands packets like that per second. Released for Customer Released on: If client or server are under heavy load while you perform the measurement, you should start NIPING with high priority.


After the test started on the client side, the following comment should show up in the command line:. During the test, other applications may be impaired.


This answer has been deleted. On the application server side, we open a command window and go into one of the SAP directories containing the SAP executables.

Checking into the DMV sys.

Note 799428 – Downloading SAProuter and/or niping

Whereas the —L parameter defines the of loops which will be worked through. Find a short exlanation of the most important options below: Here and there software component mixes like NIC teaming software and other software interfering with the network packages like IPSec, eventual encryption of network traffic, etc also might significantly lower the throughput from the theoretical possible throughput.

Hi, nice explanation of network diagnosis with niping. Frontend PC and application server Two application servers, perhaps belonging to different SAP systems Application server and database server nipng live cache server RFC server or client programs and application server The machines can be connected either by a local area network LAN or wide area network WAN.


Symptom Network connection interrupted or poor network performance.

How to run a long NIPING test – Application Server Infrastructure – SCN Wiki

Connection Reset by Peer. Hence the scenario of a DBMS server receiving data from multiple SAP application servers and then sending data back to the very same application servers is possible.

Round trip time RTT is the time for a small data packet to be transmitted from the sender to the receiver and back again to the sender. And it seems you biping testing from the saprouter server itself, correct? Sun Mar 20 I dont know why, but it is not worked for nuping Note – NW 7. Does this value differ by a large amount at least a factor of two from the one expected for the connection you are analyzing? Summary Symptom Network connection interrupted or poor network performance.