If you fail to enjoy at first spin, give another chance of at least spins, it will grow dramatically! Dovetail Records Snapper Music [1]. Phalarn Dawn is pure ambient. After the atmospheric and repetitive “Phalarn Dawn”, the band couldn’t resist in the release of another reggae party “Domes Of G’bal”. Great beat, excellent structure, a short vocal part: On top of the musical part, the sonic quality of the CD is good, especially when I play it loud. When the electric solo guitar enters the music, it does not really sound reggae at all.

ozric tentacles pungent effulgent

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After the atmospheric and repetitive “Phalarn Dawn”, the band couldn’t resist in the release of another reggae party “Domes Of G’bal”. It’s probably a “space psychedelic progressive rock” – the closest definition. I find the band has its own category.

ozric tentacles pungent effulgent

The intensive use of sound effects in a spacey style has made this track different with any UB 40 or Bob Marley- like bands. John’s Flute providing a uplifting sylvan feel and the song eventually fades to a quiet dawn chorus.

An interesting track in a fast tempo exploring wide variety of sounds. No wonder that it is also influenced with Eastern flavours, but not only. Somehow there’s a mix of that eastern influence within the guitar: It picks up after 2 minutes.


The ultra-cosmic ambience portrayed in ‘Phalarm Dawn’ serves as an appropriate interlude to ‘The Domes of G’Bal’, a reggae-inflicted number. Don’t ever use a mini stereo set at first spin as it may produce inferior sounds resulting lack of appreciation to the music and imperfect experience for you. In the middle of the track gentacles music turns into a faster tempo with intensified sound effects.

The album’s first track, “Dissolution”, is one of very few songs by Ozric Tentacles to make use of noticeable vocals. The music flows in with a mark of dynamic drumming.


Straight in,a great riff and quickly backed by a thumping beat. Some Oriental atmosphere is welcome: Drum work is dynamic. Agog in the Ether 4: As I stated at the beginning of this review, the mayor significance of “Pungent Effulgenh consists of being OT’s first consistent musical statement regarding the perspective of their entire discography: This is where the song structures, production, musicianship and even album art came together.

Pungenf reggae rhythm to this one as well. The album’s official closer ‘Wreltch’ starts with a very ethnic driven section, too, then turns into an incendiary rock jam, among the late 60s psychedelic stuff and your regular hard rock. You are the final judge on the Etntacles purchase. The music then continues to flow in faster tempo. The Tracks I’m not going to review each track the album offers, but some tracks of peculiar interest include the following: It’s a very cool solo guitar; it provides a rocking nuance.


Pungent Effulgent – Wikipedia

The tempo rises, the bass effulgejt in, driving forward. Once again things get back to the realm of cosmic reflectiveness in the Hindu- inspired ‘Ago in the Ether’. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

ozric tentacles pungent effulgent

Phalarn Dawn is pure ambient. Retrieved from ” https: The music of Ozric is adventurous and experimental, I would say.

ozric tentacles pungent effulgent

Flute as it settles some. There are no weak tracks on this album, and indeed the right adjective for it is seminal: Views Read Edit View history. Fine atmospheric parts, very good drumming, harder sections: So, contrary to popular belief, “Pungent Effulgent” is not effulgen debut album since they had six privately issued cassettes priorit is their first proper-label album.