Parameters data The contents of the new PFFile. That is, the request will be sent immediately if possible or the next time a network connection is available. Discussion The name of the file. PFInstallation objects which have a valid deviceToken and are saved to the Parse cloud can be used to target push notifications. Discussion Saves the file asynchronously. A Parse Framework Installation Object that is a local representation of an installation persisted to the Parse cloud.


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Saves the file and sets an error if it occurs.

Encoding pffjle that can encode objects that are available offline. Discussion This method is like getData: Parameters resultBlock The block should have the pffioe argument signature: A PF file is a password-protected file compressed and encrypted by Stuffit Deluxe, a popular file compression and expansion utility. Creates a file with given data. All rights reserved to original authors. The PFRelation class that is used to access all of the children of a many-to-many relationship.

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The selector to call. Discussion The url of the file. Parameters error Pointer to an NSError that will be set if necessary.



By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It could be used to perform queries in a geospatial manner using PFQuery. Discussion Saves the file asynchronously and calls the given callback.

Discussion Creates a file with given data, name and content type. Creates a file with given data and content type.

Just change your code to the below: PF files are often used for archiving confidential or personal data. The name of the file. Each instance of PFRelation is associated with a particular parent object and key. PFInstallation objects which have a valid deviceToken and are saved to the Parse cloud can be used to target push notifications. Discussion Whether the file has been uploaded for the first time. Parameters name The name of the new PFFile. The preferred way of modifying or retrieving channel subscriptions is to use the PFInstallation class, instead of the class methods in PFPush.

This library is deprecated, it is recommended you look at Parse.

PF File Extension – What is a .pf file and how do I open it?

Sign up using Facebook. Roles are specified by their sets of child users and child roles, all of which are granted any permissions that the parent role has. File created by Prefetcher, a component of Windows Memory Manager that speeds up the boot process and application loading; contains lffile trace log of Prefetcher events; records what code and data are accessed during boot and application loading pffiile.


Asynchronously gets the data from cache if available or fetches its contents from the Parse servers.

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This can be a image, video, or anything else that an application needs to reference in a non-relational way. Creates a file with given data and name. Parameters target The object to call selector on. After using this encoder, you must call encodeFinished and wait for its result to be finished before the results of the encoding will be valid.


The file name must begin with and alphanumeric character, and consist of alphanumeric characters, periods, spaces, underscores, or dashes. Before save is called, this is the filename given by the user.