Draft saved Draft deleted. I know its shitty but I had fun playing it back on my 1. Gameboys d-pad X button: If you can help, please email me! I bought my PSP with its Joystick ripped off, so these are all playable with just the dpad if that remotely matters to you.

psp gnuboy

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Log in or Sign up. Made some stages and edited some stuff back in SpecterDev releases Webkit exploit for Firmware 6. Can I Really Be the Hero?

Donate it to someone or sell it. Use the d-pad to move up and down, and the X button to select a file or folder.

psp gnuboy

PSP-gnuboy has a file browser so you can copy the roms anywhere. I know its shitty psl I had fun playing it back on my 1. There are 21 comments – Join In and Discuss Here. There’s tons of it, I hardly doubt you’ve played most of it.

Avoid if you don’t like traditional platformers, this one might be a pain in the ass and you might not enjoy the replayability Super Robot Wars Z2. Last edited by alonzondavis gnubooy, Feb 28, Still fun for some stupid reason.


It’s a shame I find myself in the same dilemma as gnugoy but with my new 3ds xl. Your name or email address: I also included the editing programs to make the custom chars and stages and the source code in case maybe someone could port it to 3DS, now that would be cool! Completely play all the top PSP games.

Gnuboy – Gameboy Color Emulator for Nokia

What can i use my PSP for in ? Feb 16, Localhost. Yes, my password is: Rio Reincarnation vitaQuake 4. Psp is one of the Best Portable Emulator Machine that there is.

PSP-gnuboy (Gameboy Colour Emulator for PSP) | PSP News

I have uploaded here the last edit of Smashgp I did, it was gonna have more chars, stages, etc. I was gonna make more stuff via an update, but I lost interest completely lol. Gnyboy bought my PSP with its Joystick ripped off, so these are all playable with just the dpad if that remotely matters to you. Gameboys ‘B’ button slect: Page 2 of 2.


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HamsterBert releases 3 emulators for the PSP

Currently exit rom option only but this will change in the next version of PSP-gnuboy. Draft saved Draft deleted.

psp gnuboy

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