QQ is just not powerful enough to do heavily optimized queries and highly tuned queries is more important than database abstraction. My 2 questions are: If you are just getting started, start here and not with Qcodo. Qcodo was conceived and developed by Mike Ho, and his company Quasidea Development acts as the central maintainer with dozens of contributors from the Qcodo Community that provide new features and releases via the Qcodo website. Yes, marketing is quite poor, and the project used to depend just on the creator Mike Ho. Enter your search terms below.


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They have no marketing at all: Business applications and intranet sites are ideal candidates for a QCubed application. I can’t read any other code now The js controls serialization is very bugged when using complex forms and ajax error just make the app irresponsive.

Main Page – QCubed PHP 5 Development Framework – Examples

Speed of development is prioritized over application performance at times. From here you can search these documents. I think that QCubed is great and mainly because of the way you can use Ajax you don t have to write Jscript and you don t have to use jQuery. Vaibhav Kaushal Vaibhav Kaushal 11 1 1 bronze badge. But community itself is very active and you probably get answer to your newbie questions in days sometimes even in hours. So to get the most use of it, it’s best to spend time studying the examples.


The quick reason is that popularity and success do not generally go with what’s technically best. Inline editing of almost anything! PR and mindshare are hugely important in such a situation and Qcodo never really had either. However, since the forms are the entry points for your users, they are designed to be copied and modified.


QCubed allows one person or a small team to manage a very large and diverse web application. Rails can answer to browsers without js enabled, it is a good practice to do so, read get updated.

Of course, it can be done but most things are taken care of! Mike Ho, Quasidea Development. Both the List object and the List Panel are capable of defining what columns are shown, and filtering the list of objects displayed. Bugs in the ORM too, sometimes I qdubed a string when I declared the field as integer code-generated queries. I’m sure any techie can come up with numerous examples. Code Igniter, Cake, Zend, etc. So, the beginning was somewhat hard, cause there was few documentation available.

This article needs additional citations for verification. I had almost no experience with event-driven architecture.

How to QCubed

We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion.


No database migrations, no way to track database schema changes No schema reflecting which tables are generated It is not designed to real TDD, it is not easy to test models, qcube and views.

It was qvubed by users of Qcodo who got frustrated with the lack of Qcodo progress. If you want to customize how an individual control interacts with your user, and saves its data to the database, do that in the Model Connector.


Clearly there is some hidden agenda with this poster Since QCubed is a community driven project, anyone is able to submit tickets, suggest improvements or discuss changes, it’s very clear where the project is going, and very open to constructive feedback.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You can use the Model Connector Editor to not generate code for particular fields in the database table. Its flexible plugin architecture makes it possible to work with a variety of javascript frameworks and widget sets.

It does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you know it, you never really need documentation any more.