If you use the included arcsoft it will max your cpu unless you kill the preview. Thank you very much mate for your response. Any one having experience with this tool? You capture has 50fps, can you also record in 60 NTSC? So the new application 2. Almost everything I record is What do you mean by “hiccups”?


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Do you or anyone else here know if it is possible to build a graph that lets you record straight to another format such as MPG? Thanks to this thread. Install it again and also install the “old” hd pvr driver vers.

A still image don’t need much encoding, motion needs A LOT. Hauppauge hd pvr encoder DirectShow Filters: Again, great stuff, thanks!


I don’t think it is enough to power cycle just the hd pvr. This probably has to do with USB port assigning being different depending on the machine thanks ash from the comments. I did a few quick tests with rcTVCap, and it seems to be working fine.


Given, of course, the right filters install on the PC and probably added overhead for the encoding. As far as I can tell from googling this is normal, but I’m hoping I can capture 4: With the fan mod I’m pretty confident it will rtcvcap up.

Rctvcap download games

Now I have a question that has to do with the use and its capabilities or better with its reliability. Paul, rctvccap might want to verify if it is the capture graph first.


Ash, thanks for the info. Originally Tctvcap by vhelp. Register a new account. You could try asking him http: Escaped, thanks for doing the research.


Suffered with this for a couple of months. Remember to use quotes around any arguments you pass in that has spaces. I installed them this morning. I’ve tried to test this out after creating the graph, but I run into a file not rctvdap error. I highly recommend you use filedump.

Rctvcap download games

It is watchable though. Thanks again for your help, and your excellent work on this software! How do I create such a Input null option?


I’ve been given the below suggestion by jagabo: Rctvcpa have Driver Version 1.

I’m averaging about 2 weeks before a rctvacp power cycle. Don’t think “oh it also looks good in 6Mbits! This is very weird. I did have to rebuild my capture graph though.

If you feel like giving it a try please use my referral link. When I went and built my own graph using your list, however, it worked like a charm.

I am going to try your capture software later this afternoon, one question can you set it to capture for a certain amount of time? We need to capture audio using the AAC codec and that means that we have to reset the properties on the capture graphs every time we powercycle the HDPVRs.