December 11, at 5: The Gateway Options field has the program name. Any steps in registarting the program on all gateway instances. On of the frequently occurring scenario is the processing of files whose names modifies dynamically from call to call. Few values which may be utilized in practice are: Hello, We have multiple application servers on SAP.

rfcexec sap

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This is fully independent of the standard RFC trace.

rfcexec sap

Hello, We have multiple application servers on SAP. It is just this one little technical part of the pie I am concerned with. We have a customer portal where the user enters a sales order on their phone or laptop or whatever, and the JavaScript code on the device does a call to a Gateway service I wrote in SAP.

rfcexec sap

Define logical file paths: The source code of the programs is positioned in the demo directory of the SDKto enable the user to adjust the programs in line with his specific requirements. Once it has been started, the program runs continuously and waits for calls from the WAS. If you mean something different then maybe my questions become nonsense!


The Program ID field has the program name.

How to register an external program on Gateway?

We have multiple application servers on SAP. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Search or use up and down arrow keys swp select an item.

March 21, at After reading this Blog, the following skills will be acquired: One gateway process is the standard setting for each application server. I know you do not decide rtcexec names components are called, so I am not having a go at you, but you have to admit it is rather silly to call lots of different things the same name and then not expect people to get confused.

How to register an external program on Gateway? For this, the syntax. March 19, at 3: If further rfcexc is required, check the limitations of each layer and find the proper team to clarify the doubts.

It all works just fine, and we are on top of the indirect licencing thingy, so everything in the garden was rosy. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Now we have a proposal for a generic middleware layer, all Microsoft based, taking in the HTTP call from the mobile device, in whatever country, szp out dynamically the correct source system and connecting to it. Create a platform-independent file name that addresses the transfer directory in transaction FILE.


“RFC Server Program” Registration on SAP | SAPBASISINFO

No search term specified. Hello Sam, That will depend on the system performing the registration. This Blog was created to clarify what needs to be checked and how find out registration steps of an external program. If the system finds it, then it is utilized as a security file; the format and meaning of this file are all listed in this note in the section “Format and meaning of the security file rfcexec. I need something more concrete. This is listed below: Now I don;t want to give up Gateway.

Hello Sam, Thanks for your question. You must have assigned all the application servers in your installation to a syntax group beforehand.

December 11, at 5: The functions of NetWeaver rfcexec: December 9, at Follow RSS feed Like.