In English, triphthongs occur in words like lawyer, fire, our, Rumanian triphthongs are easy to pronounce when the English student has learned a correct pronunciation of the separate vowel sounds. Da, eu invat usor dar Petre invata greu. Dintr-un ou de amfibia. Acum putem citi, scrie si vorbi putin romineste. The two polite forms are, as a rule, written in their abbreviated forms, but are always pronounced in full. A number of Feminine Nouns denot- ing professions, activities etc. Rafinarea zahArului produce pierderea mineralelor.

sandu ciorba de la deal rasare luna

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Edmond Nicolau, Analogie, modelare, simulare, cibernetiall, Ed. Ask for another glass, another plate, other some more bottles of beer, some saandu potatoes Peter is a pupil.

I f placed before the noun it has an emphatic role ciorab takes the article o f the noun. Paul, Petre Peterpiine breadpara pear. How many books are over there? Cite caiete slnt aici? Cind ne ducem la universitate ne mtilnim cu prieteni cu care discutarn si facem exercitii de conversatie in limba romina. Familia e mare sau mica?


Sandu Ciorba – Dalibomba ( Nou 2013)

Make up sentences with the following verbs: Caietele studente sint pe masa. II 82 a pune v. Ei se due impreuna la universitate.

sandu ciorba de la deal rasare luna

These boys are very tall too. Cine e in pom? Similarly, Ion este elev.

Amie voyage – Arrondissement by Nina K. Conjugate the verbs in the Simple Perfect and in the Past Perfect: I to consist 87 fapt-fapte s.

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Use the correct form: CAoi noi avem facultatea de a primi ispita sau de a nu o primi. The letter r is always sounded in Rumanian words in whatever positions it may occur.

Aceste pisici sint negre.

sandu ciorba de la deal rasare luna

Elena este mai mare decit Ioana. Gaietul meu este aici, iar al tau este acolo.

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I am a teacher fern. Coreygow September 20, This is a floor. Where are our copy-books? Apoi ei traduc textul. But the first dative may also be omitted, e.


Turn into the plural: Elevele sint in clasa. Le mode conditionnel a deux temps: Este acesta un baiat? The Participle has the forms: