Lock seconds,fakeclock,smsconfirmation,appstorelous,cydelet,notification center and passwordpilot?? Try 3G unrestrictor , it worked for me. I have it working on my iPhone 4 on iOS 5. Spite — Siri Port for iOS 5. A Twitter user requested me to share a list of best cracked Cydia sources. Is something wrong with the files or the manual install is not good?

sbsettings.deb 5.1.1

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sbsettings.deb 5.1.1

My first check was GraviBoard and graviboard dose work well. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: It allows iPad user to download videos, stream HD movies, download audio, and other functions you always imagine iPad should has. Just had a few apps, I wanted to know about! I love that app!! Im using ios 5. Braunson Braunson 2 2 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

So is anyone able to get SMS flooder to work?

However, this source is not active as. It took some time and effort to collect all the information for each app listed below.

sbsettings.deb 5.1.1

So download your needed. AirBlue Sharing is crashing 5.

Index of /iPhone/RipBigBoss_Clone

Think AppStore, but with packages you could never get direct through Apple. Not only will it help people decide whether to upgrade to iOS 5. Your email address will not be published. Both iPhones are running 5. I can see i get black background if IntelliscreenX as have notfitcation center on lockscreen, automatically some times when turn on the screen with BlurriedNCBackground on iPad 3 iOS 5.


When you download an app from Cydia it checks to make sure that you have the foundational files for that app to work installed, if not then it installs them itself. Spite — Siri Port for iOS 5.

Phoneitipad Cracked Source Load

I uninstalled through Sbsettingsd.eb and all is well again in regards to artist alert. First time it would crash whenever I tried to send a picture, second time the number keyboard would be invisible when I replied to a text from the lock screen, and now it crashes my phone whenever I try to close it out of the app switcher that was after I uninstalled Five-Icon Switcher.

RetinaPad — Nothing to be sad if your iPad and iPad 2 do not have retina screen.

I hit install but i get an error like “Error building SBCache” then “Installed” but they are not installed. Mail Enhancer not compatible, but the pro version is.

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It to load on 2. Active 8 years, 1 month ago. Does DisplayOut work on iOS 5. If you don’t have those, some.



Note that the numbering below is not the ranking. Xbsettings.deb Jun 13, Besides, ProTube HD also allows you to watch blocked videos and comment the video directly from the app. You can use springtomize 2 to put 5 icons in your dock. Whenever i tap Remove background on my SB settings, sprigboard gets crashed everytime. Says here that 51.1 Icon Dock works for 5. Advertisements There is a lot of people jailbreak their iPad and install Cydia right after they bring it out from Apple store.

Lock seconds,fakeclock,smsconfirmation,appstorelous,cydelet,notification center and passwordpilot??