We have 5 principles of physical retaliation; they are in no particular order. Both physically and behaviorally. Conventional methods are designed for distance tactics kicks, punches, elbows, knees, head butts etc. Your brain and body takes care of that for you, the stimulus is introduced too quickly and the startle to flinch response kicks in causing you to swerve out of the way while hitting the brakes as hard as you can hopefully missing the child and not killing them. RandomTriangle , Aug 4,

shredder senshido

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Senshido has shifted from being what has come to be known as one of the top Reality Based Self Defense Systems RBSD in the world, to also becoming a worldwide Movement for betterment and human evolution. Isn’t that just asking for a missing digit? We cannot choose denshido regress to that state; it is an automatic hard wired process. The closer to the opponent you are the better.

“The Shredder” (Senshido) | Martial Arts Planet

Report back to me with your results. The Shredder is a scientifically supported, physiologically based and behaviorally driven concept. The Shredder however works best in extreme close quarter situations, grappling, ground-fighting and especially the dreaded clinch.

shredder senshido

The release senahido adrenaline by the sympathetic nervous system increases blood flow and arterial pressure causing a large amount of blood to be pumped into the larger muscles resulting in gross motor functions and applications. RandomTriangleAug 4, In his light, he is who I aspire to be.


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Senshido 2006 Black Belt Shredder feature

If you try da shreddah on a person, you know what THEY are going to do? Notify me of new posts via email. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! But they’re still probably some of the best RBSD out there. Christopher Roberts, another name people might not have heard about. Its uniqueness is to be found in its delivery and the science that backs its success. Hundreds of people world wide have successfully used the Shredder to survive violent confrontations and martial artists world wide have adopted this concept into their training curriculums.

People are much more complex than we have made ourselves believe. Can anyone learn and use the Shredder Concept? As for Senshido themselves, well It is not a technique or a system, it is a conceptual close quarter tool and in our and hundreds of thousands of others opinions; By far the most successful self defense tool any individual can use with the highest probability of success rate compared to anything elseand this we stand by.

“The Shredder” (Senshido)

We have 5 principles of physical retaliation; they are in no particular order. The parasympathetic nervous system is the one that controls our actions and thoughts in non-stressful environments.

Also, if a bystander sees you doing this, they will either call the cops or hit you over the head with sherdder brick. I know he is facing much criticism from many circles, and that to me states that he is further ahead in the game than most as truth always goes through 3 stages: Whilst doing so, control the head.


The psychology is vastly different, srnshido reasons, the motivations, the ego levels, everything really. Good luck with this one folks.

shredder senshido

Those who disagree with the Shredder concept are disagreeing suredder the physiological rules that govern the human body, genetic wiring and behavioral and psychological functions, which makes the arguments on it illogically and ignorantly based.

The Shredder however works best in extreme close quarter situations, especially the dreaded clinch. The often-maligned category of moves includes gouging the eyes, raking the face, ripping facial features, pulling hair, biting, seizing the windpipe and delivering a variety of close-range blows.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 7th, at 5: We cannot cognitively process this response and choose shrefder adopt it. Real violence will more often than not begin with an attack on the mind, which triggers an emotional response.