If given the opportunity to trade crew members with Dweenle, trade the Doctor. Game mechanics and the overall look and feel closely resemble the earlier Starflight game, but many new features are introduced including an interstellar trade -based economy, new sentient alien races, and new spacecraft accessories and artifacts. The Anomaly I don’t like suicide missions, and to think I recommended this one myself! It is a library of old games for you to download. We will have nothing to do with them. You have to run the sf2. The player is tasked with discovering the ultimate source of the advanced spacecraft technology and unlimited fuel supply which provide a military advantage to the Spemin, a hostile alien race threatening to annihilate or enslave humanity.

starflight 2 trade routes of the cloud nebula

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The game’s character creation is only average, so don’t expect something out of an RPG.

Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula for PC – GameFAQs

You can find minerals and creatures on planets, and then trade them to aliens. Anyway, we learned from the Humna Humna that they have some sort of Shield Disabler: Don’t miss the best resources for Starflight I and II on starflt.

The white stars have a yellow tinge. They die all too easily and are not recommended for that reason. If Abandonia is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online for another year. Handwritten note appears here: They provide little protection against the Umanu’s long-range laser, which is primarily an anti-personnel weapon. Crew members are chosen from one of five races, each of which possesses certain strengths and weaknesses, and are assigned to the positions of captain, science officer, navigator, engineer, communications officer, and doctor.


You can read our online store guide. With class 5 shields up, we were able to enter the Anomaly atExploring a planet is easy, but making sure you have enough fuel to get there then finding your way back is another thing.

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In these cases, you have to make a local map of the relative locations of the various fluxes. We are a small team that runs one of the largest DOS Games websites in the world.

starflight 2 trade routes of the cloud nebula

Trading is done at Trade Centers. I tracked the Thing to a Spemin planet at , but the Spemin sold it to the G’nunk. Handling of copy-protection and saved games received some criticism. So I can play it. Your ship can land on planets unlike larger shipsbut since you can’t fly around with it, you also have a Terrain Vehicle. Interstel manages to trick a Spemin into revealing the location of a continuum flux leading to the general region of space from which they obtained these technologies.

Some will be hostile. The Aeoruiiaeo atsell a Field Stunner to anyone who sells them Dreamgrids. You can help by adding to it.


Interstel commissions a force to visit this area, called the Cloud Nebula, and find a way to nullify the Spemin technology. Read our screenshot tutorial.

The new shield and plasma torpedoes should help greatly. Under tungsten light, the red and orange stars look alike.

starflight 2 trade routes of the cloud nebula

Developer Binary Systems Dosbox support Supported on 0. The UHL Weapon remains a mystery.

starflight 2 trade routes of the cloud nebula

Buy on GoG Buy on Origin. Based on what it was able to tell me about the Past, plus the Leghk messages at75 and the recordings from the abandoned Lowar ship at , I can make the following speculations: Despite the supporting ideology, it is actually a pain.

Every planet wants some native and foreign life forms that are lacking. The player begins the game in a space station called Starport Outpost 1 with a meager allotment of funds for outfitting a spaceship and training crew members in the skills needed to operate it.

Each type of alien wants something different, and most primitive species can’t use spacefaring trade goods anyway.