Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Brody attempts to take revenge on Sgt. Scott, Greer, and Spencer. While the team was preparing the ship for the “experiment”, Chloe got to use the long-range communications devices the “stones” to swap bodies with Dr. Edit Storyline Stranded in a distant part of the universe, the crew of the Ancient starship Destiny record their thoughts and observations.

stargate universe kino webisodes

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James documents all the stages she’s gone through while aboard univegse Destiny. She explained that some of the chemicals she was using were brought with them and some were from the ice retrieved from the ice planet where they got sorely needed drinking water.

Sgu stargate universe kino

Retrieved December 9, Greer’s threat shakes Eli enough that when Greer lets go and orders him to fly away, Eli accidentally steers the camera into the wall before making an exit. Eli had a chance to interview her for his kino documentaries.

Hunter Riley and Eli were caught by Col. Riley uses the Kino to check up on Eli in the infirmary. Scott tells Greer to be sometimes less formal.

Privacy policy About StargateWiki Disclaimers. The show has stand-alone episodes as well as multi-part episodes, and it also has more season-long story and character arcs running through every episode than any other Stargate series. Eli gives a tour of one of the many corridors and gets a bit lost. Brody and Riley were separated from each other after Riley decided to fix a coolant leak in an area of the ship that required that they use the Ancient space suits.


Based on previous experiences with the original Ancient stone technology, those who have engineered Earth’s equivalent have theorized that if one of the persons dies while swapped, the other party in the link will also die.

Retrieved January 25, Her new concoction smelled like bananas. This is an early kino recording from the archives, so it is possible that Eli is not yet aware that Chloe and Scott are together. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Kino Webisodes: Season One – StargateWiki

It was important, however, that after their initial crises, that the crew begin to explore the ship for means for getting home, so Rush and his team of scientists began to fix various breaches and send out military teams to check them out. Eli declares that “interface control” is “boring”, but Brody, who is more serious when it comes to scientific things, feels that the name should define the function. Retrieved January 3, Eli spies on Col. Eli stops by Chloe’s room while he’s touring the ship, but she doesn’t answer the door.

Johansen declared that his condition would be touch and go. Brody has invited Eli to watch Riley take a shower that’s rigged with the purple dye extracted from the “sweet potatoes” the crew found on a planet earlier. Scott and Chloe carry on a quiet conversation in a corridor.


Kino Webisodes: Season One

Camile wishes James a happy birthday. Origins TV Movie Brody is self-conscious about how the suit looks and can’t get his balance. They were rationing food and water and Airman Darren Becker was in charge of measuring out the powered protein mixture.

Matthew Scott and Sgt.

stargate universe kino webisodes

Most probably, any rooms that were reclaimed no longer had the X’s on their doors. Eli claims this to be impossible, and bets Scott a protein bar that he can’t do it. These suits were used by Scott and Young when they retrieved ice from a planet with a toxic atmosphere and a severely cold climate.

Stargate superfan Nidai Esat speaks with the cast and crew of Sky 1’s newest sci fi hit series, and gives viewers an insight into this exciting new show.

SGU Stargate Universe Kino

He checks the time and makes an excuse for her, thinking that perhaps Col. An alien similar to Ra appears out of the Starrgate, killing five soldiers and kidnapping another, a year after the original Stargate mission.

stargate universe kino webisodes

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