If your tuning those cars you’ll want the chk anyway. Execution speed has been increased! This software is good?? This is not right strategy to keep customers. I am glad that he has never stolen anything swiftec.

swiftech chip tuning software

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If this gets public. I still believe the swiftec No one can steal.

By now this forum is so known that all producers of tuning hard- and software are looking here also. Already they are working on it so they could go swiftec only once on one PC I also heard, they found guy who put here some Swiftec files and seems this guy is not in best situation now Why upload a tune request in a swiftec topic?

swiftech chip tuning software

They just doing preventive steps! Good pres ales, sales and after sales is done with good product, service, support, contribution and answering questions, also giving some stuff for free to the people. I have to enter Manuel and Alex creation of maps. Swiftec has been around long enough for it to have happened already. I have original so don’t worry I don’t want to get crack version. With good software I recommend buying original, for ecm I recommend crack since “drivers” are BS I think the way of the promotion is little bit clumsy, but FAP module could be interesting, if the solution is made by switch and not by masking It’s my futur purchase.


So no more about this: We both know you tring to replace “meanings” and sure you know WinOls does not have any of this features and you can only dream about it I also have original and I’m happy. And now about changes we made to this version: Our efforts are directioned first of all to our costumers and their protection against does that want to get all for free, and secondly to Swiftec itself we want to keep the safest possible against piracy. You do realise that the map pack is a mere 3 credits so really its not that big a deal if you later find that you require the chksum for that particular ECU.

Yes, that’s why I started another thread. I think swiftec in future will be cracked. SI56 We declare that we are taxpayers.

ECU Tuning Software

I found one drawback in swiftec. Also threats for cracking attempts are not the right place in the promo texts, that is the thing that really stands out.


What happened with Winols? Swiftec is nice software, but has some problems as other softwares that do dpf remove. This means that we chiip not CHKS. That is the way this forum is managed.

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What hardware is necessary to use swiftec? Manuel and Siftech take it as a friend, and you hold your thumb in successfully creating software.

swiftech chip tuning software

As usually, new version of Swiftec is released with plenty of improvements and extra features! Better soft for a chiptuner. I am just ciruse. This is one bit of SW you really should pay for.

Looks like the potential for a cracked version has been plugged for now too which is indeed a good thing. Sofyware while we’re at swiftec fiber audi there