The Detective , then, is almost a book about a book. Jul 03, Stefan rated it did not like it. Joseph Leland of the book is a human being with flaws and personality, while the movie version is a thin veneer of machismo over an empty shell terrified people will eventually see through it. The first six chapters plod. Sean Negley rated it liked it Jun 28, Save yourself some time and watch an old Larry Bird mixtape if you want to see psychology in action. I think this was the only reason I finished reading it.

the detective roderick thorp

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Sep 16, Thom Brannan rated it it was ok. I watched Die Hard with a friend drunk and then in the credits, “Oh, snap!

Roderick Thorp; Writer of ‘Die Hard,’ ‘The Detective’

Books by Roderick Thorp. I’m never touching this book again, thank you very much. Naturally, a book that was as well received as The Detective would receive the Hollywood treatment. C Plot covers the murder of Theodore Leikman and how Leland finds a suspect. There is a lack of any real excitement over finding new clues, because most clues lead to dead ends anyway.

I was sick with a bad cold and didn’t have the energy to go back to my shelves and pick something else.


The Detective by Roderick Thorp

Hardcoverpages. I thought the relationship with Joe and Norma has really unique and I was genuinely torn about how I wanted it to end up. We see the way he sees things and understand why he does what he does. Further, mu It wasn’t until after I’d started reading thotp that I discovered two things: I shudder to think what he would have thought if she’d misplaced a comma or something.

There is a Before I started reading this book, I thought it might be similar in style to the great works of Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett.

You can see the women’s movement getting ready to happen rodercik intelligent women whose middle-class suburban lives were driving them to neurosis, alcoholism and worse. Thorp spent the early s teaching literature at Ramapo College in Mahwah, N.

Joseph Leland is either a private eye or a member of the police force depending on just who you want to believe. Well, other police officers get in on the act, I suppose. The novel is definitely not for everyone, but there is no other way to feel as close to a fictional character than to be their partner in solving a mystery.

the detective roderick thorp

Apr 06, Brackman added it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? This book just doesn’t get going. But the thing is that there is simply more to it than just a long book.


And Hollywood has done some amazing work in that regard: Tesla is executed, and Leland apparently feels quite bad about it but gets a promotion so it totes works out.

the detective roderick thorp

The Detective by Roderick Thorpe is a classic when it comes to mystery novels. That “plot” mostly consisted of unbelievable conversations between the detective John Leland and other people, pa This was the worst book I’ve ever read. Was the basis of the movie Die-Hard. Like others, I was initially drawn in by the fact that the character was the reputed basis for John McClane. I am 80 pages in and I give up.

In the book, almost everything Leland does is through the frame of how his daughter may interpret it. Notify me of new posts via email. Then, starting with Chapter 7, something clicks. Or it may just be that the author tried way too hard to be clever. Is the movie what should have been done?