Soundwise this is good for this kind of metal: It’s almost as good as a Stratovarius album The keyboard parts on this album are a little more up in the mix than usually heard with Stratovarius , and feature more organ and harpsichord than synthesizer, giving most songs a different type of sound. If he told his fans to all go out and throw themselves in front of fast-moving trains, I’d be riding the front of the TGV before the day was out. Timo Kotipelto wanted to try different tunes and melodic parts like the slow tempo but with powerful chorus Battle Of The Gods or the heavy riffed Vizier. OSheaman , August 24th, There is a ballad on this release, Beauty Has Come , which features very passionate vocals with some nice acoustic guitar and piano accompanyment and is done in a classic ballad style

timo kotipelto waiting for the dawn

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The remaining songs tend to be boring after a couple of hearings with some keyboard solo repeating more often than any melodic power metal fan was used to and a couple of inspired guitar riffs getting lost with the rest mediocre results.

Riddle Of SteeL – MetaL Music: Kotipelto – Waiting For The Dawn ()

Coming from the front man of one of the most diverse sounds in Power Metal, this bland combination is nothing short of suicide-inducing.

This song features Roland Grapow on guitar and kotpelto some cool Helloween -style fast guitar harmonies in the chorus sections and it just cooks! Derek Riggs, known doing album covers for Iron Maidendesigned the cover for this release also did the Infinite album cover for Stratovarius. I think he sings better on his solo project, but his English pronunciation is very Finnish. Tor is the first solo release by Timo Kotipelto, lead vocalist for Stratovarius.


Timo Kotipelto is well-known heavy metal voice from Stratovarius and Filthy Asses somewhere in time before that other, a bit more famous band.

timo kotipelto waiting for the dawn

If he told his fans to all go out and throw themselves in front of fast-moving trains, I’d be riding the front of the TGV before the day was out. Viziera mix of mid-tempo and fast riffing, features a trademark Iron Maiden -type of very abrupt and very fast tempo change with some great soloing.

Waiting for the Dawn

This is a tremendous waste of a side project–a bland and uninspired album that relies on the big-name stars in teh band like Kotipelto and Romeo to draw any sales at all. Again, another concern here is that the guitars are a bit held back.

The lyrics do not shake my foundations, because Egypt has been a popular theme in metal world for a couple of decades already. The problem there is that if Romeo does come up with more riffs, he will most likely use it for Symphony X.

As the cover suggests, there is a definite Egyptian theme to this album daan far as the lyrical subject matter kings, pharoahs, sorcery etc. Waiting For The Dawn is a descent effort for Mr. This song and a few of the others, feature a heavier and louder guitar sound than is heard on the Stratovarius releases and, according to his website, was Timo’s deliberate attempt to make a more “traditional” type of metal album. OSheamanAugust 24th, Only one track, Knowledge And Wisdomreally has the speediness and fast double bass drumming style that is so typical of Stratovarius.

While all the songs came from Kotipelto’s pen, he has hired some bright stars: He has created a very solid and very enjoyable metal album with a wide waitiing of styles and some wonderful melodies. So my suggestion to Koti for the next album is to probably find an upstart metal guitarist who is hungry to display his skills and will bring a more fresh sound. Share this on Facebook Share this on Twitter. Users online 56 guests Welcome to our newest member, barbieh6a.


Kotipelto – Waiting For The Dawn (CD) review –

He really proves his songwriting talents and delivers a solid album of all sorts of styles kkotipelto tempos of metal music. Kotipelto uses quite high register, and this creates some barriers. In vocals department, Mr. It’s gotten completely out of hand and everybody seems to be so concerned with riding this little trend that I never seem to hear any new riffage anymore.

timo kotipelto waiting for the dawn

The other real problem on here is that a lot of the songs sound very similar in general–there isn’t the sort of song-to-song distinction that’s in your standard Stratovarius album. It’s almost as good as a Stratovarius album Waiting for the Dawn Kotipelto. As Stratovarius are on the docks, Kotipelto does what guitarist Timo Tolkki did a few months ago: For example, the acoustic ‘Beauty Has Come’ is a slow, balladish song, but the vocals are still high and loud. Another solid moment of the album was the first three songs, excluding the Intro, with the Beginning which reminded me a bit of Malmsteen!!!

After Timo Tolki’s newest solo album, the voice of Stratovarius walked the same path. Derek Riggs from Iron Maiden fame has created cover art, but with computer and it doesn’t really please my eyes.