I know you are a fan of MM and you also know he was not only ghazal man, because you had earlier written article on the other side of MM. Hats off to you for your in depth study supported with analysis vis a vis statistics. There are some, which have acquired a cult status, such as Kar chlae hum fida jaan-o-tan saathiyo, as a patriotic song. Mrig Trishna https: A nice collection of songs. There was a mistake in the songs posted at Revitalising bond with Ravi.

tu mere samne hai teri zulf hai khuli mp3

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They got strength from well planned narratives spread through various sources. Kar chale np3 fida jaan tan saathiyo, Ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo from Haqeeqatlyrics Kaifi Azmi. The result, a resounding flop despite Talat singing 6 solos, none of which is remembered.

tu mere samne hai teri zulf hai khuli mp3

Now there is no stopping Madan Mohan. The more commonly heard songs have been spoken about in the article and a few more shared by our friends in their comments. In this combined video of all the versions, the song starts with a train journey and ends with a train fading away in the horizon.

Rafi’s best songs by Madan Mohan

Hans, I am enjoying the joke at my cost from the sidelines. I make out that Madan Mohan had done some work with Rafi that developed from his Luckhanvi experience and it is very good that he found Rafi to shape his art.


Hans, You have more than made up for your long absence with a very insightful comment. Maa hai mohobat ka naam — Maa ka Anchal 4. Mere Pyar mein mujhe kya mila — suhagan Solos — romantic 1. Since then it has been one of my favourite ghazals from films. Beautiful write up,as usual.

With regards to your comment on Myths…. You have made my day.

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Ashok Parekh, Welcome to SoY and thanks a lot for your appreciation. Thank you for bringing out the beautiful teti in the article as well as some of the friends have brought out some not listed therein.

tu mere samne hai teri zulf hai khuli mp3

It needed to be mentioned. Solos — romantic 1. There is no information contrary to this, atleast with me. No one penned poetry of unrequited love better than Sahir Ludhiyanavi.

May be I am more visible due to me being free with frank opinions which are more noticeable due to they being different from some of the other friends here. AK 10 Kisi ki yaad mein may have remained unnoticed by you but that may not be the same for some of us.

Tu Hai Mere Saamne Song Download

As i keep relishing the discussion, I may like to add that the other two songs of Sharabi are gems in themselves, from all the angles of composition, diction or lyrics: Sometimes a song one hears live from a gifted amateur leaves a deeper impression than hearing it on record.


Mukesh got just 3 solos and 6 duets. Till Lata came along no female singer ever asked to be given only heroine songs or even preferred such songs. Many thanks for continuing the passion….

Thanks a lot for wonderful post and brilliant analysis. His trump card was Rafi and he composed only 55 solos as against duets for Rafi. Whenever I listen to …. The result was disastrous for us. I confused it with Roshan.

tu mere samne hai teri zulf hai khuli mp3

hxi Some songs of my choice: MM belong to the era when soft melodies and Gazals were the forte and he emerged hkuli retained his top position up to his last composition. Tyagiji, Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Maybe it is his opinion about Madanji being nowhere without his Lataji compositions…Yes, they are landmark songs in his career, and do not forget, the songs are a product of combination of the composer, lyricist and singer.