I am having the same problem. Thanks in advance for your help. Even if you register your LE version, unfortunately custom skins can only be downloaded with a Pro licence. Virtualdj will try to load the one that fits best to your screen, and that is x Does someone know what I need to do??? Posted Sun 27 Nov 11 6: Registering your LE serial gives you a considerable discount on the price should you decide to become a Pro user.

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We activated it in the 7. With just 2 decks it is intuitive enough that when you press ‘sync’ on a deck skij you want to synchronize to the opposite deck.

Special mapper is on the way Posted Fri 03 May 13 2: Posted Sun 08 Dec 13 I have one issue Not everybody uses Ergo with 4 decks, and really cant think of a nice way to mix 4 decks with a controller that only offers a 2 channel mixer ; Pioneer can say whatever they need for marketing purposes.

Cheers Eddie Posted Mon 09 Jan 12 2: Also tryd all updates still no joy ; Posted Sun 12 Feb 12 4: What do you think? About the “vinyl” issue, that, for sure, is really a problem, because, in my case, everytime i press the “vinyl” buttom in my controller, the light switches on and off, however, it doesn’t really has any effect.


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If set on the lower sensitivity, it’s not running fluidly. Tomas PRO Infinity Member since About the sync button, if you find nothing happens when you press it you’ll need to hold the shift button and then press sync to set the master deck. You can try this Concearning the 2 or 4 deck issue, what i was meant was, that would be nicer if, the skin had a 4 deck support, all it was needed was, change the deck, everytime a user press C ou D buttom.

Not sure what the resolution of the Ergo skin is, how do i find this out? I have been trying to figure this out for days! Also if you register your software on this site you can download other skins for free. It’s very lame of virtual DJ to give a skin that not work properly!

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Posted Mon 09 Jan 12 4: Not a major issue i know but a perfect VDJ Ergo skin would be nice to work with, a solution to this would be really appreciated.

The skin will not be added to the downloads To receive this, please go to http: Posted Sun 20 Nov 11 Please either post your message again in English or use the appropriate language forum at the bottom of http: Registering your LE serial gives you a considerable discount on the price should you decide to become a Pro user.


I say Ergo is 2 deck controller, not 4! Posted Sun 12 Feb 12 5: Posted Thu 15 Aug 13 pionefr So, just download the updated version of the 7. Thanks and best regards, Matjaz Posted Sat 14 Dec 13 7: Because you have 4 deck buttons on the controller. Skins are only available to registered licensed users who have purchased VirtualDJ.

Redownload it and try again as mine works fine.

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The drivers for the controller however are in a windows executable file and not a. Click on the square in the top bar at the right hand side and it will revert to it’s native resolution. Posted Mon 21 Nov 11 7: