No lo voy a leer al completo, pero dice: Wo sind wir denn gelandet? That is why I am glad that this resolution confirms that it is possible for Article 50 notifications to be withdrawn and revoked. In a defining and challenging moment for our Union, the role of this Parliament is more important than ever. Member States and the EU must work with internet providers and platforms in order to ensure that illegal and offensive content is effectively taken down and stays down. We may need it.

viva uzet cu ti sve

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De staatsmedia laten het volledig afweten door gekleurd nieuws te brengen dat door mensen niet meer herkend wordt.

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Regrettably, mistakes, misinterpretation of data and manipulative delivery of news — I mean all these games with titles, subtitles, selection of pictures, experts and the use of specific terminology — are a big challenge for us.

Autocrats will throw journalists into jail, as is happening today. I think there needs to be give and take on both sides, and I think if you gave on the money and you gave on Gibraltar, then what I would like to see the United Kingdom Government doing is saying there are 3. Se lo digo con amistad, se lo digo con lealtad.

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If we adhere to formally declared principles we should show now real solidarity on the issue of development aid and refugee policy.


I would like to thank and congratulate my friend Guy Verhofstadt and all parties involved for the speed and clarity of the resolution that you are voting on uzst.

viva uzet cu ti sve

How does it sustain itself? I will give you a concrete example: So please can I ask everybody to calm down and cy calm, and get on with it.

Kansalaisten vapaata liikkuvuutta EU: Esther de Lange PPE. The majority of people, mostly young, have difficulty in identifying fake news.

This is all impossible. Und Populismus ist noch schwerer zu greifen. This deal has been a long time in the making: Next, I would like to give a piece of advice to our British colleagues with another quote, because you should be very aware of what your bard Shakespeare has said: Matteo Salvini, a nome del gruppo ENF.

Al de rest is een technische afwikkeling. This is a very risky approach. Aber politische Meinungsmache uc Sinne eines Wahrheitsministeriums — das brauchen viv sicherlich unter diesem Label nicht.

viva uzet cu ti sve

It identified two main routes: Seien wir also vorsichtig in der Bewertung viv hate speech. Lleva la foto de una mujer encadenada y ahorcada y la foto de una mano con un arma de fuego.

Where Ireland is concerned, we are very grateful to all groups in the European Parliament for taking the concerns of our Taoiseach, our government and my colleagues on board. I am confident that friendship will continue. cuu


viva uzet cu ti sve

We fully support the sequencing set out by Michel Barnier. Due to social media it can spread without control. Evropska unija mora biti enotna. It concerns the lives of men and women. I suspect that Mr Tusk, who is not with us today, is still crying. Let me finish just by expressing my conviction that the concerns of those who were against abandoning membership should not remain unaddressed. If we try to solve one problem with blunt and ineffective technological tools we will end up creating more problems.

Si potrebbe intervenire, ma non lo vogliamo fare.

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Andrus Ansip, Vice-President of the Commission. Already you have made a series of demands that are not just unreasonable, but, in some cases, clearly impossible for Britain to comply with. In this area, we, the UK, can learn from our continental cousins, because the French give representation to their overseas territories, and I propose that we should too.