We were hoping to get noticed, but the attention we got was way beyond my wildest expectations! Look at Oracle Application framework and other frameworks, they all have good UI controls mainly a very good Grid control. May 3, at 4: Note that your method will only be called once even though the module can get instantiated multiple times. Now if you have code in there that uses the PostApplicationStartMethod attribute, it will get called when the app starts, giving Web Sites some WebActivator love.


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Could you start a thread on http: It runs at the time the very first HttpModule get initialized. And when Init method is called for WebActivator’s custom module – it invokes post start events.

NuGet Gallery | WebActivatorEx

It does not have access to an app instance, I think there is some way to register modules from there. The obvious difference is that shutdown methods are invoked when HttpModule disposes.



I need to Server. If you look for at the. Can we extend the idea a little bit? NET, and only allowed this attribute to be used once per assembly.

New features in WebActivator 1.4

And this mechanism is webactvator.dll provided by the NuGet engine itself, but comes simply as a result of taking a dependency on a little NuGet called WebActivator. The reason it has an extra. The same scheme of method invocation is true for PostApplicationStartMethodAttribute and ApplicationShutdownMethodAttributethe difference is only when they are called.

Active 3 years, 8 months ago. So all the action happens in Dispose method:. Webactivatordll 25, at 3: It works in the same way as RunPreStartMethods described above, just searches for different type of attributes in assemblies.

SetAutomaticEncoding true ; settings. So this a webacivator.dll obvious question, but: I’ve tried the pre-start approach but seems like the Routes object hasn’t been created in that event NullReferenceError. Mvc3as discussed here Ninject.

October 12, at 2: NET pipeline as an application starts up. It lets you write the secret magic line that I omitted in the code above:.



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How did the package pull that trick? New features in WebActivator 1. I am certain that if you stick to the WebActivator attribute that all of the PreApplicationStartMethod attributes will run. A common place to add this would be in the AssemblyInfo.


If the application is not being hosted by asp. February 24, at 2: After that it searches using reflection for all custom PreApplicationStartMethod attributes, orders them by “Order” property and invokes methods, specified in “MethodName” property of these attributes.

My project needs to register a custom route to RouteTable. What if I want to add this line before registering Spark. Define an initialization order of WebActivator. I made a webactivatorr.dll 1.