Trigerring Java code from a SVG image Trash Bin plugin 1. This attack appear to be exploitable via network connectivity. This data was gathered using a golang program, stored in a database and processed using a couple of command line tools. Bookme Control Panel 2.

woltlab community framework 1.1.7

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Since the app does not use any sort of session ID, an attacker might bypass authentication. Influences Doctrine has been influenced by dozens of projects and many different people. In older releases, the encoder will only work with PHP versions from the 4.

woltlab community framework 1.1.7

Versions of Nexpose prior to 6. The “id” and “operation” GET parameters can be used communitj inject arbitrary JavaScript which is returned in the page’s response that can result in Cross-site scripting.

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Apache Zeppelin prior to 0. This is not applicable to 8. The most recent release 28 May is 1.


The XSS attack launches when a victim visits the admin user group page. Struts2 Security Challenge Trust me, Mambo is in very, very safe hands! An issue was discovered on Foscam Opticam framfwork devices with System Firmware 1. In some situations, the XSS would be on the family. Fixed in version 3.

SAP Disclosure Management before version Moodle’s infrastructure supports many types of plug-ins: SAP Crystal Reports crystalras. Leveraging this vulnerability would enable performing actions as users, including administrative users. There is a possible XSS vulnerability in Rack before 2.

woltlab community framework 1.1.7

The software was originally developed to realize designs that are created with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator or any other graphics software. Directory traversal vulnerability in download.

Directory traversal vulnerability in admin. Imperavi Redactor 3 in Angular Redactor 1.

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ToorCon 16 Call For Papers! Project Statistics For Group-Office groupware http: It offers blogging, microblogging, file creation and sharing, networking, groups, news collection using feeds aggregation and a number of other features. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending an email with a malicious payload to another user.


Citrix Provisioning Services streamprocess. Derandomizing NS Selection Unauthenticated remote code execution on D-Link ShareCenter products Many educators, ri4i including Latin and Greek teachers, are using Ning for developing educational resources.

Avactis is integrated into Parallels Plesk Panel [7] Features Products, pricing, real time shipping, etc.

woltlab community framework 1.1.7

Episerver Ektron CMS before 9. Due to an frameworo while parsing page content, it is possible for properly sanitized user input to be misinterpreted and lead to XSS hazards on web sites in certain circumstances. Advanced interface features include printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars, website searching, language internationalization, and many others.